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FS19 BigFields zoltanm v3.0
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FS19 BigFields zoltanm v3.0

FS19 BigFields zoltanm

V3 changelog
- storeplace repair
- roads
- design repair
- add sellStations
4 big field
-1. 170.7 ha
-2. 69.4 ha
-3. 18.6 ha
-4. 69.4 ha

work BGA
-capacity 1000000000
-fillType all++
-fillType all++


  • Corey
    2018-12-11 15:32
    have animals?
  • Wildbill1
    2018-12-11 15:35
    Fields don't show up in game and also if I could make a major request , Could you please add cotton sales to the map. there is a sell point placeable but you cant sell cotton on that one either. Thanks partner ad nice work, just needs to get the field thing fixed.
  • Ente
    2018-12-11 15:45
    Fuck the Map, Terrain to Z
  • Delahaye
    2018-12-11 18:52
    Bonjour joli travail seule chose qui manque point de vente pour le coton vu y'as de la place pour le mettre merci d'avance
  • Jannes
    2018-12-11 21:21
    Wat een K.U.T map, de maker moet zich dood schamen voor het uitbrengen van dit soort mappen, een schande voor fs19
  • Jannes
    2018-12-11 21:23
    What a terrible bad folder, the creator must be ashamed of death for releasing these kind of folders, a shame for fs19
  • Tom


    2018-12-13 08:23
    I can re-place the object and the ground, why can't I delete it?
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