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FS19 FarmSilo (Reworked BY BOB51160) v1.5.0.0
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FS19 FarmSilo (Reworked BY BOB51160) v1.5.0.0

BONJOUR a tous j'ai retravailler le mod en plaçant des panneaux et bande rouge et blanche.J'ai changer la CAPACITY a 5000000 l et j'ai augmenter le chargement a 4000 sec.
CE mod est a Hasco et donc comme la loi le demande le credit lui va de droit.
PS: pour ceux qui ont des questions faite le moi savoir, et pour ceux qui n'aime pas mon travaille s'abstenir de repondre MERCI. BOB51160.
HELLO to all I reworked the mod by placing panels and red and white stripe. I changed the CAPACITY to 5000000 l and I increase the loading to 4000 sec.
This mod is a Hasco and therefore as the law demands it the credit goes to him of right.
PS: for those who have questions let me know, and for those who do not like my work refrain from answering THANKS. BOB51160.
Hasco: - Fruits: Wheat / Barley / Oilseed rape / Corn / Oats / Sunflower / Soybeans / Potatoes / Sugarbeet / Sugarcane / Hay / Straw / Grass / Woodchips / Pig feed / Lime / Seed / Fertilizer.

Hasco / Reworked BY BOB51160.

  • Valera
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    the log is not clean. There is a warning.
  • Smurf
    2018-12-09 05:13 Send message
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    Why the fuck do you feel the compulsion to plaster that goddamn ugly logo of yours all over every mod you steal/reskin/"rework"? Are you 12 years old or something? For fucks sake.
  • Dmort51
    2018-12-19 02:00 Send message
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    hey smurf have some respect or have mommy change your diaper
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