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FS19 Fliegl DPW 180 Squarebale Autoload v1.0
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FS19 Fliegl DPW 180 Squarebale Autoload v1.0

FS19 Fliegl DPW 180 Squarebale Autoload
This is not my mod! I fix it so it will show in store
Fliegl DPW 180 for squarebales (Shop: baling)
To activate the autoload function, set the device to working position.
The unloading point of Fliegl DPW 180 can be adjusted steplessly, on both sides and in height. So you can decide whether to unload the trailer with frontloader or place the bales directly on the ground.
Credits: Giants Software

Giants Software

  • Todd
    2018-12-18 01:18 Send message
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    @DEAFGAMER..he clearly stated its not his mod..people just love starting drama
  • Msanc3
    2018-12-18 02:56 Send message
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    Eagle355th, thanks for fixing this so it shows in Mods/store, can you fix the round bale version as well. thanks for fixing the DL
  • Zach
    2018-12-18 06:03 Send message
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    thank god someone did this you cant play with anyone else if u fixed the original file yourself cuz they would have to do it to please do the same with the round bale trailer
  • Judge trend
    2018-12-18 09:40 Send message
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    EAGLE355TH, there are so many ''angry birds''' here & in general in the community... always ready to shoot the kill button to the keyboard, always ready to hit the dislike before even take a look at the mod, always ready to defend unknown modders & credits wich mean nothing after all... and some times it doesn't worth to share your work afterall....Anyways thanks for your effort!
  • Tom


    2018-12-19 03:52 Send message
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    What key is the work position? I've tried "x" and "B".
  • Rogerw13
    2018-12-19 20:55 Send message
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    I have the same problem TOM. There is no option for "work position". Can you help EAGLE355th?
  • Stearaz
    2018-12-20 18:31 Send message
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    joskin wago pack SVP THANK YOU
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