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FS19 GEO Northern Ireland v1.0
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FS19 GEO Northern Ireland v1.0

A mild wet climate characterizes the weather of Norther Ireland. Short amount of proper harvesting time and a lot of rainy days, you will have to plan carefully and work hard to keep your farm afloat.
This is a GEO mod for Seasons that simulates farming in Northern Ireland region.

Realismus Modding , Rahkiin , theSeb, reallogger ,IRL Modding

  • Davez
    2019-07-30 01:33 Send message
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    56mb for a GEO looks very suspicious to me
    • Weemucker
      2019-07-30 09:48 Send message
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      its a large file because I used the resources from season mod it self
  • Midwest geo
    2019-07-31 23:16
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    My midwest geo is the same way, because there are no offical geos out yet so we basically need to use the seasons files.
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