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LSFM Universal Tank Pack v1.0.0.1
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LSFM Universal Tank Pack v1.0.0.1

Overfilled tanks from lsfm. with the Quacky Duck Cz logo. Cars are not part of it.

Universal tank trailer pack with advanced features.
Note: This pack creates under Tools a new shop category there is everything from the pack to find.

Contents of this pack:
- Universal Tank Trailer 7500L (small 1 axle drum)
- Universal Tank Trailer 18000L (larger 2 axle barrel)
- Universal Tank Trailer 32000L as a semitrailer semi-trailer
- Universal storage tank 3000L
- Universal Shuttle Tank 10000L mountable on all trucks
- Universal IBC Container Tank 2000L
- Telehandler Hook for moving the two tanks attached with chain

Attention ! The IBC module was removed because of too many problems.

Author: Farmer_Andy / lsfarming-mods.com

Autor: Farmer_Andy/lsfarming-mods.com

  • Lisa
    2019-02-22 14:27
    3 0
    Hör auf den geklauten scheiß zu verbreiten!!!!
  • Jj44
    2019-02-22 14:42
    1 0
    can you make one compatible with the IT runner hook
  • Ethan
    2019-02-22 18:52
    0 0
    Love JJ44's idea with the IT Runner.Could also use a material bin set :]Just like these, except for grains/Lime/Seed/Fertilizer >:] Would be super neat to have a bin you could just place on the back of any ol' semi or flat bed truck..
  • 3verland
    2019-02-22 20:34 Send message
    0 0
    Hope this is an improvement, half the tanks wouldn't trigger on simple things, pallets, fuel at gas station. I cant believe this by the same mod group that that gave us kotteUniversalPack.I could NOT find a way to mount the Universal Shuttle Tank on any truck in the store. Parked on both sides, front back, suspended tank over the truck, nothing worked.Just a note, instead of tank hanging by one single chain, I would use (2) chains for a lot better stability, would get rid of all the
  • 3verland
    2019-02-28 12:06 Send message
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    This is sad, and a big let-down compared to what we had in 17, half these trailers don't trigger on the simplest of things, where-as other people single tank mods do. LSFM needs to go back to the drawing board, and fix things.
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