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Geiselsberg Map v1.1.0.0
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Geiselsberg Map v1.1.0.0

Welcome to the beautiful Geiselsberg near Haundorf!
Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer Max Wild, T0biifarming, FNB Modding
Category Map
Author Max Wild, T0biifarming, FNB Modding, SirJoki80
Size 389.65 MB
Released 20.09.2019
Platform PC/MAC

Max Wild, T0biifarming, FNB Modding, SirJoki80

  • Rob
    2019-09-20 22:54
    6 0
    This map has to be one of the best no wonder it gets 5 stars
  • Td


    2019-09-21 00:17
    5 0
    I agree, excellent map.
  • Robtd
    2019-09-23 09:52
    4 0
    Seasons ready, small to huge fields, village atmosphere, sheeps, pigs, double chickens, double cows... it's my favourite map so far
  • Greg
    2019-09-23 21:32
    2 0
    hi. i have a problem with this map. when i start a new game there is no farm buildings. i try without my mods but it's the same. do you have a solution ? i really want to play this map. thanks
  • Totenfarmer
    2019-09-25 02:59
    1 0
    Greg, this map HAS to be started in new farmer mode if you wannt to use onne of the excisting farms.One problem I found is that the pigs freeze in the barn, that really sucks, other than that the map is simply amazing.
  • Rob


    2019-09-25 10:11
    2 0
    Most maps have bugs on them, I just use the placeable pens on a flat field they seem to work ok
  • Name
    2019-10-09 11:29
    1 0
    Love the map but anyway to add people walking around in this map? or there's a mod adds population?
  • Elijah
    2019-10-18 18:55
    0 0
    very good map one of the best i have played on
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