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GHL TRAILER v1.0.0.0
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GHL TRAILER v1.0.0.0

FS19 GHL trailer
Gut Hohen Luckow Trailer
Known from the LS13. This trough was converted by me (Mario) and also adapted for the LS19. All standards are installed, lights etc.)
To the configurations in the shop;

- Choice of colors (rims, chasis, body, body and flap)
different configurations
- Grain trough closed
- Grain trough with grid (for silage, for example)
- Silage trough closed (e.g. for grain)
- Silage trough with a grid
- Different FillVolumes (suitable for configurations with and without structure)

There is currently NO dirt or wear on this trough, as I have not yet created my own specular. But comes in the next version

A suitable double-axle dolly will also come, but when can I not say yet.

You can find out more about how this came about here ...

Have fun now with the trough ;)

Ursprung: Big Boss Modding | Umbau und Anpassungen LS19: DtP Mario

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    modhub is having problems because i can't download anything without it failing
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    I have the same problem but only with Firefox. Try with another browser and see if it works. I'm using Brave for modhub downloads and it works fine.
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    having the same problem as you tractor man modhub needs to fix there shit site because it keeps downloading over and over again , and ther is nothing wrong with my computer at all it's fucking modhub site's problem
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