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Global company placeable wood chipper v1.0.0.0
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Global company placeable wood chipper v1.0.0.0

Mod inspired from "LWG Europa Sägewerke" made by Mannie313 in ls-modcompany
I removed the pallet outputs and used a Ravenport wood chipper model
The chipper uses 2% petrol, but the global company script has a 10% limit.
To fix this limit, update FS19_GlobalCompany\objects\GC_ProductionFactory.lua
Line 786: productLine.inputsPercent[inputId] = math.min(math.max(inputPercent, 0.1), 1) change 0.1 to 0.01
(will be fixed on next update)

Model: Giants (Ravenport)
Script: Mannie313 (ls-modcompany)
Idea / Concept: Xanika

  • Dave
    2019-08-23 22:31
    2 1
    So how do you get fuel to it? The in game fuel trailer won't unload, and 2 other fuel trailer mods I have also won't unload.
  • Grouminait
    2019-08-24 11:27
    0 0
    Dave, I use the MKS8_MULTITrans or MKS32_MULTITrans from Porta Westfalica map
  • Guest420
    2019-08-25 17:03
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    Works great for me. I used a hooklift truck to fill er up. No problems.
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