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Global Company – A large script extension for Farming Simulator!

GlobalCompany is the base for many scripts. No matter if production, warehouse or whatever – with this it is easy to implement.

– fix spawn error

– NEW: Design
– NEW: GlobalMarket
– NEW: AnimalTrough
– FIX: Error message at synchronisation

– FIX: PlaceableDisplay
– NEW: Synchronisationsystem for MP
– NEW: GC-Class / GC-Staticclass

– FIX: DynamicStorage: Fix effects on dediserver
– FIX: DynamicStorage: Change key t to lctrl+t
– FIX: ‘Error: Server:registerObjectInStream is only allowed in writeStream calls’ Error on MP
– FIX: language texts
– FIX: Objektinfo: Change position, now we can see the hand
– FIX: Factory: Incomeprice can now be negative
– FIX: VisibilityNodes: Collisions will check now also on Server
– FIX: Adaption to Courseplay

– NEW: DynamicStorage: Add unloadtriggers at places
– NEW: Add dynamic ingamemap to gc menu
– NEW: Factory: Add animaloutput
– NEW: Factory: Add Seasons support
– NEW: Add languanges: pt, it, pl
– NEW: GC-Menu: Overview for DynamicStorage
– NEW: GC-Menu: Better overview for Factorys
– NEW: GC-Menu: AddOns can now create Tabs
– NEW: Factory: add ‘refPoint’ – Attribute
– NEW: Add new Gui-elements

– And many more

– NEW: French and Russian languages added
– FIX: Shopmanager adapted to current patch
– FIX: DensityHeightMapManager adapted to current patch
– FIX: Added support for VertexDesign palettes for object info
– NEW: Registration for Filltypes and Treetypes in Mods
– FIX: Horsehelper adapted to Seasonsmod
– FIX: Gui adapted for very wide monitors
– NEW: more features for ProductionFactorys
– FIX: Adaptation to AutoDrive
– NEW: DynamicStorage

LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus

  • Bob


    2020-02-23 16:17
    1 6
    global company looking alot like Stevie...how many more updates are you going to have anyway?
  • Carnifex
    2020-02-24 00:08 Send message
    1 0
    @Bob it is expanding its features and bugfixes etc. - do you really expect something stay the same even if its changing the whole time? lol
  • Jim


    2020-02-24 19:10
    0 0
    how do you install this? I've tried putting the zip file in the mods folder and doesn't show up, just the original v.1 of the global company?
  • Raven2971
    2020-02-24 20:16 Send message
    2 0
    @ JIM unzip it thake the folder inside and take it out zip that one up then rename it to FS19_GlobalCompany then put it in your mod folder
  • Jim


    2020-02-24 21:00
    0 0
    @RAVEN2971 Thank you!
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