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GlobalCompany - GlobalMarket v1.0.0.0
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GlobalCompany - GlobalMarket v1.0.0.0

Sell or buy goods in the entire LS world!
With the GlobalMarket you can sell your goods to other players in the LS world or buy from these goods. It does not matter whether you are in single player or in multiplayer.
You need the GlobalCompany-Mod from version In addition, the external software, which is also available from us in the forum.
Thank you very much Agarwen!
Thanks to our test team for excellent work!
Info: This mod will not appear on Modhub because external software is required for synchronization.
As always: uploading is prohibited!


  • Long_one
    2020-02-23 13:55
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    It's a nice idea, but at this moment prices are... strange. You can buy for example seeds from in-game dealer for X (money) per 1000 l. and sell on GM for 3 times more. And it's disappearing from the market, so something is buying seeds for 3-times the price. Not players, I think. So, for now GM is basically money-cheat engine. It doesn't seem to have a supply/demand regulated prices and selling in-game supplied resources above the dealer's price is simply broken.
  • Agoy
    2020-02-23 15:04
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  • Forbidden to download
    2020-02-23 15:31
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    Je ne site se qui est écris a la fin....le téléchargement est interdit....donc ne le télécharger pas.I do not site which is written at the end .... the download is prohibited .... so do not download it.Ich habe keine Seite, die am Ende geschrieben ist .... der Download ist verboten .... also lade sie nicht herunter.
  • Name
    2020-02-23 16:13
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    As always: uploading is prohibited! Ha-Ha-Ha, but not for Modhub.us, Hi-Hi-Hi...
  • Troll
    2020-02-23 17:45
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    So this software, where's the source code? Is it GPL'd by chance? Or are you stealing mods too? Fuck this.
  • Name
    2020-02-23 20:58
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    really shit
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