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Grass Patch Set v1.0.0.0
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Grass Patch Set v1.0.0.0

A set of grass patches (4×4, 8×2, 8×8 and 16×16). Suitable for bringing back grass to the terraformed ground due to landscaping.

Gnork B’yoink/Giants

  • Ray


    2018-12-24 12:31
    Thanks for the great little mod. I works great. Now I don't have all those bare spots. Thanks again. Take care.
  • Hitmanneo
    2018-12-24 12:42
    Thanks so much this is a little wonder mod
  • M2x


    2018-12-24 13:01
    THANK YOU!!! It's such a pain to plow and sow and fiddle and meddle with all the terraformed areas. I had to smoothen a little couple places so mergemaxx would row grass/hay better and BOOM, all the grass gone. Pita to make it grow again and it doesn't even give as good yield as before... One of the most needed mods imho.
  • Name
    2018-12-24 13:05
    If only the oil drum and the four pillars were removed.
  • M2x


    2018-12-24 13:07
    Yeh, these have to go.
  • M2x


    2018-12-24 13:15
    Yeh, these have to go. But a little bit of testing.. fist OOOOOOOH went away. It cannot be used on slopes, it terraforms the hell out of the ground and results are not pretty. We still probably need something straight from Giants to improve terraforming, painting option needs to have actual grass not only texture.
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