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Grass Patch Set v2.0.1.3
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Grass Patch Set v2.0.1.3

A set of grass patches (4x4,8x2,8x8 and 16x16). Suitable for bringing back grass to the terraformed ground due to landscaping. An alternative before Giants updates/fixes the landscaping tool.

Update v2.0.1.3:
- Fixed errors and minor adjustment.

Update v2.0.1.2:
- New patch size included (2x1,2x2, and 32x32)

Update v2:
- There will be no grass texture on the ground anymore. You need to change the texture yourself before applying these grass.
- Can be applied onto slopes... and on other texture too (concrete, dirt, asphalt etc) so be careful.

- The yellow barrel is there for easy picking with your mouse/controller even from afar for selling...if you have a lot of them on your farm.

Gnork B'yoink
Giants Software

  • Hmadsen
    2019-01-14 20:17 Send message
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    Thats a great idea, thanks modder
  • Alex2ruote
    2019-01-14 20:55 Send message
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    There's a wild grass mod that allows you to saw grass outside the fields, with the possibility to add weeds in various percentages.
  • Hmadsen
    2019-01-14 22:23 Send message
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    Is that mods on FS-UK that you are talking about?
  • Name
    2019-01-14 23:28 Send message
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    I like it very much, thank you for making and uploading it. Can you help me make a 6x32?
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