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Grave digger Monster Truck v1.0
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Grave digger Monster Truck v1.0

This is the Beta Version of this, I still have to add lights.
If you flip it, you can press the fold button to upright the truck.
Authors: TMP FS15, FS19 Convert = Lambomods

TMP FS15, FS19 Convert = Lambomods

  • Boosted
    2018-11-29 23:40 Send message
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    badass do u have any other fs-19 mods like trucks cars etc
  • Wildbill1
    2018-11-30 01:03 Send message
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    Do not see the point of this mod. But each to there own. Not complaining or saying anything bad but with your skills you could actually contribute some really nice stuff to the game instead of eye candy. You do great work partner so don't take this the wrong way.
  • Lambocomm
    2018-11-30 07:10 Send message
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    I agree... its just fun to make things.Thank you for your kind words
  • Ditto
    2018-11-30 07:11 Send message
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    Have to agree with WildBill, good mod but pointless and doesn't add to the game
  • Ramman1738
    2018-12-16 04:24 Send message
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    Good mod, can you make a Cummins or a Powerstroke or something like that
  • Bla bla bla
    2019-02-09 01:21
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    it doesn't work for me
  • Fly high
    2020-03-29 04:30
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    this looks like a FUCKING SHIT show to me not downloading it you BITCHES kiss your fat ASS goodbye MOTHERFUCKERS
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