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Grizzly Mountain Logging v1.0.0
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Grizzly Mountain Logging v1.0.0

New logging map for Farming simulator 19
EN: Grizzly Mountain is a forestry only map. Enjoy logging from the mountain top to the swampy marsh. Changelog ( - First version built.
DE: Grizzly Mountain ist nur eine Karte der Forstwirtschaft. Viel Spaß beim Abholzen vom Berggipfel bis zum sumpfigen Sumpf. Changelog ( - Erste version gebaut.
FR: Grizzly Mountain est une carte uniquement forestière. Profitez de la journalisation du sommet de la montagne jusqu'au marais marécageux. Changelog ( - Première version construite.
Author: FDR Logging

FDR Logging

  • Jack l c
    2018-12-23 20:54 Send message
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    Great :)... Now we need all the great FDR Machines like in FS 17!! :)... Please upload soon!.
  • Splitskullgaming
    2018-12-23 22:17 Send message
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    needs work on the sell points for wood and also whats the point in chopping all this wood down if you arent working towards purchasing more land, creating land to harvest crops etc. would of loved this map if it wasnt for those reasons.
  • Bloodypanda4487
    2018-12-27 04:42 Send message
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    for some reason it will not show up on the maps and yes i know how to put it in the mod folder can you guys help me please
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