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GrowthControl AddOn v1.1.0.0
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GrowthControl AddOn v1.1.0.0

Growth Control addon

On request from DarkStar161

Schwand yield

This script is an add-on for the MOD of aPuehri (GrowthControl mod is needed!)
This script is for multi fruit maps and it is no longer necessary to change entries in the lua (so that you do not have to change the lua for each card).
After adding the mod, start the game with the Multi Fruit Card, save the game (to create the xml), then end the game.
Now we open the growthcontrolAddOn.xml to find:
Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2019 \ savegame (note under which score you saved the whole thing: savegame1-20)
To make it easy, let's copy FoliageType.
Now we go into the Mod folder and unpack the Zip of the Multi Fruit Map. After unzipping we open this folder and search for the i3d (type i3D file format, mostly found in the maps folder) we open this with an editor by right-click, there Ctrl F and enter into the search
FoliageType which we copied in advance and click on search.
There we copy all foliage types (everything between the blog FoliageMultilayer) and replace the FoliageType in the growthcontrolAddOn.xml and save it.
Now the game can be started :)
little info: multiplayer requires only the main server or the player, the players do not need to do this.


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    useless if u play with seasons
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