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GrowthControl v1.0.0.0
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GrowthControl v1.0.0.0

This mod allows to adjust the plant and weed growth time or the yield and seed consumption according to your own ideas!

Since it probably takes a little while at Giants to comply with the submitted mods, I put the Growthcontrol here now available !!
I have done a short test with the patch 1.3.0_Beta, so it should fit!

This mod allows to adjust the plant and weed growth time according to your own ideas!
Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the yield and seed consumption! (all adjustments in the "growthcontrol.xml" in the savegame)
In addition, you can use the "Shift-Left" + "Y" keys to display a message indicating the approximate remaining time
indicating the current growth stage! (very exact display not possible because no access to the necessary variables is possible.)


  • Brad
    2019-02-09 13:12
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    in the config are the hours of growth per growth stage, or from seed to harvest?
  • Farmerlee
    2019-02-09 16:27 Send message
    3 0
    Call me stupid but I don't really see what this does apart from tell you how long to grow certain fruits... Perhaps a more detailed write up with specific instructions for those of us with not many brain cells!
  • Tuzlo
    2019-02-09 20:29
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    The name of this mod is misleading. THis is in no way Growth Control.
  • Will
    2019-06-20 01:17
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    I totally agree with FARMERLEE.I'm pretty smart and even I have problems with it.
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