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Guidance Steering Official v1.0.0.0
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Guidance Steering Official v1.0.0.0

Complete field applications quickly and efficiently with the Guidance Steering mod that helps you accurately setup tracks to work your fields.
Guidance Steering allows you to use different methods in order to create tracks. The AB point method requires you to setup two points (A and B) in order to calculate the steering angle. The A+heading method simplifies this setup with only forcing you to enter the desired steering angle.

Make sure to enable Guidance Steering before you're able to enter the menu.

In order todo this:
- Enable Guidance Steering: left ALT + C
- Show Guidance Steering menu: left CTRL + S

For further info on gameplay please checkout the README on the Github repository


  • Excited
    2019-09-20 00:16
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  • Koalat
    2019-09-20 03:22 Send message
    5 2
    This is some high tech shit. Hopefully someone can make a tutorial video or something on this.
  • Noboy
    2019-09-20 21:07
    0 8
    this is a f ing joke and a fake
  • Sezgin5987
    2019-09-21 11:27 Send message
    0 0
    çalışmıyor indirmeye gerek yok.
  • Ummmm
    2019-09-21 22:10
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    I cant even make sense of how it works lol
  • 0 0
    Comme à t'est habitude tu vole et tu balance "les mods" . Sans même savoirs si ce dernier fonctionne . Tu ne changeras pas escroc .......
  • Vanfores
    2019-09-22 16:01
    0 0
    Ok, so... I've installed it from Modhub in the game and also from here but when I enter into the game, it stays in Loading and doesn't load game. What can I do?
  • Myro777
    2019-10-12 18:39
    0 0
    U mnie również to nie działa nawet więcej wcale nie chce się włączyć nie polecam.
  • Orsen karte
    2019-11-01 15:13
    3 0
    may be it would be good if the guidence on/off was made to work from a mapable button instead of using the mouse all the time, as the systen turns off automatically when you move the steering wheel, you have to open the HUD and click ON , close the HUD and continue within the game . A positive move towards realisum.
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