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GWN Farm Supply v1.1.0.0
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GWN Farm Supply v1.1.0.0

Great White North Farm Supply Pack

-Added new Square Bale Pallets Grass, Hay, Straw and Silage in Standard or Bulk with wrapping option
-Added 5 more brands for the diesel tank
-Adjusted/Fixed branding textures
-Fixed collisions and tension belts
-New Animal feed bag textures
-New Clear liquid tanks with working animations and new textures
-Adjusted tension belts and collisions
-Adjusted pallet pricing
-Added New potato pallet as alternate pig food in the store
-Added Sugarcane single bag and standard/bulk size pallets
-Added Woodchips single bag and standard/bulk size pallets for production buildings

-Please note the "Bulk size" pallet base is visual only, lift from the bottom pallet only!

-Seed, Lime, Solid Fertilizer, Manure, Chicken, Cow, Horse, Pig and sheep feed pallets available
-All pallets have the option to be purchased in standard or bulk sizes
-All pallets have the option for clear or labeled black plastic wrapping for storing pallets outdoors
-Wrapping has working animation for both pallet sizes
-Top pallet and collision have working animation so you can re-stack pallets as there used up
-All Animal Feed and Manure Pallets have automatic discharge to easily refill animal feed troughs and greenhouses
-Can also be purchased in single 50L bags for smaller farms

-Herbicide, Liquid Fertilizer, Slurry, Water, Milk, DEF and Diesel liquid tank pallets available
-Store option to choose between each tank
-Diesel tank has an extra option to set the nameplate branding
-Choose between 15 different brands
-All tank pallets will be removed onced emptied

-All pallets and liquid tank pallets have working tension belts.


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