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Hanomag Brillant 600 made by ls_oldtimer v1.0
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Hanomag Brillant 600 made by ls_oldtimer v1.0

Hanomag for LS19. Model brilliant 600
I'm happy to introduce you to another of my mods.
It is the Hanomag Brillant 600.
Price: 15000, -
Power brilliant 600 - 50hp

- Design without, roll bar, roll cage, Fritzmeier top
- 3 exhaust variants
- ten tire variants
- Frontladerkonsole Baas Klincklader
- all decals modeled
- Color choice of rims
- Color choice of body. Green, blue, export red
- Color choice exhaust
- Fully animated driver
- animated pedals
- animated gear levers
- Motor animation
- Lighting LS19 standard
- RMT Real Manual Transmission
- simpleIC

The right front loader is available here:
[FBM Team] Baas Klinklader and equipment - .. :: Forbidden Mods - simply prohibited good :: .. (forbidden-mods.de)
I wish you all a lot of fun with the Hanomag!
And remember ---> if it doesn't smoke it has no performance!
LG ls_oldtimer
Please only use the original download link.
The mod may NOT be uploaded again on other platforms

Modersteller : ls_oldtimer
Modell : ls_oldtimer, Mr.Foxx
Verdeck : ls_oldtimer
FL-Konsole : ls_oldtimer
Sounds : qwertzuioqwe
Anbauteile : WolfIQ

  • Craap
    2021-01-26 20:21 Send message
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    great mod,,sweet tractor
  • Der modzerfetzter
    2021-01-27 12:16
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    "... great mod,,sweet tractor ..."Tats├Ąchlich? Ist das so?Hast du die Log-Datei angesehen?Hast Du nicht!Log:Error: Can't load resource 'C:/Users/***/Desktop/FS19_HanomagBrillant_NURtest/Textures/Specular.dds'.Es gibt n i c h t e i n e Mod von "ls-Oltimer". die fehlerfrei ist - nicht eine!!!Kontrolliert der Mann seine Mods nicht bevor er sie online stellt?!Ich habe alle seine Oldie-Traktoren geladen und mir die Log angesehen:
  • Der modzerfetzter
    2021-01-27 12:28
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    Indeed? Is that so?Did you look at the log file?You don't have!Log:Error: Can't load resource 'C: / Users / *** / Desktop / FS19_HanomagBrillant_NURtest / Textures / Specular.dds'.There is no mod of "ls-Oltimer". which is flawless - not one !!!Doesn't the man check his mods before he puts them online ?!I loaded up all of his oldie tractors and looked at the log:Errors and warnings in every (!) Tractor mod!It seems to be more
  • Ricobab
    2021-01-27 20:04 Send message
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    @DER MODZERFETZTER : Stop crying and change the path in the id3 file to get the missing texture.
  • Der ;odzerfetzer
    2021-01-28 12:04
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    Und warum macht der Modder das nicht gleich selbst?
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