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Hay Barn Sell Point V1.0.0.0
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Hay Barn Sell Point V1.0.0.0

The hay barn is where a player can sell grass, hay, or straw in either loose or baled form. This mod is a placeable version of the hay barn, which will work the same as it does in the stock GIANTS map.

(1) Grass, hay, or straw may be sold at these placeables in either loose or baled form. So far as I'm aware, there isn't a placeable bale destroyer trigger available for FS '17. Hopefully this mod will fill that need.
(2) The placeable will show up in the selling screen stats just like other sell points. In addition, they are noted as hotspots on the PDA map for easy location.
(3) The mod includes two placeables -- a hay barn, and also a separate placeable trigger that will accomplish the same thing, if the player doesn't have room to place the hay barn.
(4) Multiplayer compatible.

HayBarnSell.lua Script: akuenzi ([email protected])
Models, Textures: GIANTS
In-Game: akuenzi
General Testing: akuenzi, Summit Commodities server
Multiplayer Testing: akuenzi, Summit Commodities server
modDesc and XML Translations: Google Translate
Primary Mod Hosting Site: FS-UK.com
Dedicated to Xentro. The little I know about lua is the result of his patient mentorship and generous sharing of his time.

  • Billy063
    2019-01-05 18:55 Send message
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    this mod is for fs 2017 not 2019
  • Akuenzi
    2019-01-06 03:51 Send message
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    Sorry about that BILLY063. You are correct -- it is for FS '17. Not having uploaded it here, I don't know how it ended up under FS '19. Evidently the 'Thomas' bot obtained it from FS-UK where I uploaded it, and then posted it here in the wrong section. I've sent a message to the administrator asking him/her to move it to the FS '17 section.
  • Ewanc
    2019-01-07 13:37 Send message
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    If it were possible id like to see something like this for FS19. I tried it and was disappointing it was just a bad re-upload.
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