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Helper Advanced v1.9.0.8
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Helper Advanced v1.9.0.8

Description (excerpts):
- Mercenaries (helpers) must learn and gain experience, thereby increasing the speed of their work and, of course, their wages.
- The employee is your employee, you, in principle, must pay the base rate regardless of whether he is busy with any work for you
or not. When calculating the amount of wages, the acceleration of time does not matter: 60 € / h both in real time and 60 € / h with acceleration x120.
- This involves economic thinking, and not just hiring assistants, only if you really need them on an ongoing basis.
- The assistant can be dismissed only after 7 days from the moment of his employment.

specialized training fixed during work

correction for calculating consumption / harvest values ​​based on experience
fixed sprayer function for experiential consumption / harvest values

Fixed bug when closing / canceling / closing the game


  • Curious
    2020-02-22 00:40
    2 0
    I like the idea of this. However, I am concerned with a couple of things. 1) What determines experience? Does the employer determine the quality of the performance?2) Does the worker become more accurate with increased experience? I worry that with an increase of experience and an increase in wages, if the worker just performs same crappy work as hired helpers, only faster.
  • No longer curious
    2020-02-23 23:20
    0 0
    I downloaded this mod, and when I tried to exit the game, it locked the game up. I couldn't even open a menu. Mod needs some work.
  • Miki48
    2020-02-24 20:18
    0 0
    good idea!! fix this errors in looping020-02-24 18:45 C:/Users/MIKI/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/fs19_helperadvanced/scripts/HelperAdvanced.lua:1649: attempt to index local 'helper' (a nil value)2020-02-24 18:45 Warning (script): Unknown entity id 54193 in method 'getTranslation'.2020-02-24 18:45 LUA call stack:2020-02-24 18:45 dataS/scripts/player/Player.lua (1547) : getTranslation2020-02-24 18:45 dataS/scripts/gui/hud/FieldInfoDisplay.lua (398)
  • Miki48
    2020-02-25 09:36
    0 0
    continue this errorFixed bug when closing / canceling / closing the game
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