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HiredHelperTool v0.51 Beta
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HiredHelperTool v0.51 Beta

Provides 30 helpers in MP / SP mode (Optional in Lua for SP and Private purposes). In addition, the mod gives the helpers real gender-neutral names, because helper A is blocked does not work at all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Version 0.51 Beta
* Fix onStart ZIP

And yes, you usually only have a limited number of helpers available in the MP / SP.
SP = 10 helpers; (with mod 30)
MP = number of player slots, say 4 slots = 4 helpers (with mod 30)
What do I have to do ! You have nothing more to do than to put the mod in his mod folder. Everything else is automatic.

No more and no less
In multiplayer and single player games.
And if you do not like it should not load it :-)

1.Publication only with original download link. NO replacement link
2. Altering and re-uploading is not permitted


  • Hubcap
    2018-12-16 20:48 Send message
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    Gender neutral names....not on my farm.,,only from Germany LMAO
  • Taran
    2018-12-21 20:26 Send message
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    This mod isn't working in my MP dedi server... any reason why? It uploaded fine and all
  • Will
    2020-02-23 04:02
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    Gender neutral.....lol....nope
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