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Hof Bergmann v1.0.0.4
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Hof Bergmann v1.0.0.4

Changelog v1.0.0.4

Attention !
- Last Game Patch 1.4.1 is required.
- Current language files for this version only available for German and English!

- after Giants Patch 1.4, the fashion presses did not work anymore, fixed (only works with gameversion from 1.4)
- Parked Cars, positions adjusted to patch 1.4
- Script for fixing an error caused by the TSX_EnhancedVehicle Mod (Thx Ifkonator)
- Map Seasons Ready made
- Hof gas stations, trigger fix (combine did not refuel)

new features:
- * NEW * Extra Shop category "Production equipment" (Buttermax, FertiMixerLQ, FertiMixerSLD, CompostMaster) can be found under Objects
- * NEW * Placeable dispenser silo (needed for the production of solid fertilizer) can be found under Placeable / Silos
- * NEW * fertiPro BigBag (needed to make liquid fertilizer) can be found under Objects / BigBags
- * NEW * Buyable and refillable milk can available in the shop.
- * NEW * further farm gate at the top of the cowshed built
- * NEW * drive-through silo installed above the cowshed (in the forest)
- * NEW * Placeable bunker drive-through silo available in the shop, this can be placed if required (assuming you own the farmland)
- * NEW * New species calves introduced, these must be supplied with milk and straw. The calves reproduce themselves, these can be sold at the livestock trade or processed into meat by the butcher. (to be found in the cow barn at the farm)
- * NEW * butcher shop built in the village. In the yard animals can be delivered, with each kind of animal one receives an own meat sort, these can be sold in the yard shop.
        (The trigger for the animals is located at the rear of the slaughterhouse in front of the gate, the trigger is sometimes a bit bitchy, even if it says "will not be accepted here" just keep trying)
- * NEW * Barn opposite the grain warehouse at the farm.
- * NEW * Fruit trees installed, under certain circumstances it may happen that the trees fruit fruits. These can be harvested with a fruit box (Placeable variants of the trees are available)
- * NEW * old greenhouses removed and reworked installed. These run now over the GC Script. Available variants Salad, tomatoes, red paprika.
        Goods can be sold at the farm shop, restaurant and at the vegetable stall at the filling station (type of sale is different)
- * NEW * new objects such as fruit crates, vegetable crates and salad seedlings
- * NEW * Rainwater tank added (findable under Placeable / Miscellaneous), fills in rain, water can be taken with tank trailer.
- * NEW * Bale Bearing added (these are now MP capable and based on the ObjectStorage script of GTX | Andy)
  Attention! Some bale stacks are already placed and can not be sold, more ball bearings can be found in the shop.
- * NEW * Wollballen Lager Regal built in the sheepfold, serves to store between the handy wool bales. (based on the ObjectStorage script of GTX | Andy)
- * NEW * storage rack for cheese loaves installed in cheese dairy, the outsourcing takes place at the table right next to the shelves (based on the ObjectStorage script by GTX | Andy)


- exchanged all square gullies at the farm and pig breeding, against which with function (The lid must be opened, the gullies are used to dispose of all liquids that are on the map)
- Partially new shop pictures for isolated objects
- More floor angles installed
- Defined the two large meadows as fields, so now grass missions are possible. (Box 16 and box 17)
- Kuhstall upgraded by a few small details (working milking robot, fence at the slurry tank)
- Cow pasture B, process in the milk process changed. Now works by stationary milking parlor. If you like you can fill cans on the keg, these are available separately in the shop.
- Models of cows adapted to a realistic size (were far too large in contrast to the player)
- Stable gates provided with neat handles
- Milk churns, cheese loaves, wool bales and dead pigs with percentage readings
- Cheese factory and mill rebuilt to Global Company (the Global Company Mod is required)
- Number of possible heaps previously expanded 31 new 63
- sawmill: area for tree trunk sale marked by curbs
- Purchased transport pallet slightly enlarged should now fit better to the pallet forks.
- Price adjustment of the farmland from vegetable cultivation
- Compost Silo revised, now consists of 2 separate bunkers. (Tip heaps are wanted so that nothing bangs through the walls anymore)
- BGA area slightly redesigned.
- Vegetable cultivation, area slightly redesigned.
- Double FahrSilo at the yard overhauled. Left bunker still usable for silage production, right bunker now serves as storage for all debris.
- Horse stable upgraded a bit, over the workshop is now another bale
- Consumption for feed, straw and water in sheep and goats slightly lowered
- Farm shop expanded by 2 outdoor shelves, shelves appear 1 hour before shop opening hours and disappear one hour after closing time. (can be used for vegetable crates, meat should not be offered outside due to fly infestation)
- Households to deliver have got functioning gates, these are timed and open from 8am to 7pm

Vehicles / mods:

Note: The Vehicle Mods have been integrated into the map, and do not need to be downloaded extra! (The FS19_flieglAnimalTrailer Mod should be removed from the modfolder, because this can lead to conflicts)

- * NEW * Michieletto Luggage Trailer added, very practical for breeding pigs.
- * NEW * FertiMixerLQ, FertiMixerSLD, CompostMaster
- * NEW * Ford Transit added with various configurations (Passenger Ready)

Fly Animal Transport Pack (formerly flieglAnimalTrailer):

 - ** NEW ** Fliegl MAN truck added
 - ** NEW ** Livestock Trailer Turntable added
 - a pack made with own shop category
 - New story pictures
 - Adaptation of slots for breeding pigs
 - New animal calves added
 - tailgate not colored with the trailer (fixed)
 - Trailer now has rear connection hoses
 - tarpaulin revised
 - Fixed the position of the reversing lights

Farmer Andy, Ifkonator

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    B.O.B. Flyover - Hof Bergmann - Farming Simulator 19 - https://youtu.be/zX7xPcV_ThY
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    Awesome map. Looks like I am going to play it for a while. Had to go to FS19 and download cause way to slow on UI.to and used one of the three download links you had there. But very awesome map and special mods for the map. One thing I did have trouble with was when I made liquid fertilizer with the mod you made I put the whole bag of nitrogen in the tank then couldn't put in enough water to make the fertilizer. There is no way to take any out so had to sell the mod and re buy it. Is there anywa
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