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Holmer Terra Variant Pack by Larry v1.0.0.1
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Holmer Terra Variant Pack by Larry v1.0.0.1

standard LS19 scripts
LS19 light / work light, turn signal, etc. fully functional
all (almost see known issues) animations and rotations work
pto Installed to use other devices
Hose system installed
to the standard wheels normal and dual care tire is still the variant Wide added
Mirror brought to LS19 standard
Support wheels can be extended / lowered with key x (Giants original animation wheels do not touch the ground)
Foliage bending works
wearable and washable
LS17 Diffuse textures (but looks good)
with the Zunhammerfass other manure cultivators can be used, I am here a detour gone with the hose system, but in principle it works like the Sähmaschienen, only that no holder is faded in
even create Sound.xml based on the Schalt.xml, no longer knows who has published as the first
so why he should stay private / resp. known issues:
I have created a help trad in the official forum but after more than 4 weeks no help get what the following things;
particle animation at the RB is not quite Synkron
The 3-point recording moves only when set "four-wheel steering" back to the middle position, i. when setting front wheel steering, she is still on crab right
after buying the RB or restarting the game, the hydraulic cylinders are stopped by the transfer belt, here the animation has to be started for a short time (O-pipe extend / retract) after which they have adjusted
in connection with the real Dirt mod the right front tire became dirty, but did not have the same effect as the other 3.
maybe there will be a V2 as soon as Giants relesed the new holmerpack on May 16th.

GIANTS Software
converted by LarryJD8822 alias MasterLarry

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    2019-05-08 23:01
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    mods/FS19_holmerPack_converted_byLarry/holmer/holmerTerraVariant.i3d (1323.41 ms)2019-05-08 21:30 data/shared/wheels/trelleborg/AW305/R17_AW305.i3d (58.51 ms)2019-05-08 21:30 Error: Can't load resource 'data/sounds/vehicles/engine/john_deere_7310r/john_deere_7r_transmission.wav'.2019-05-08 21:30 Error: Can't load sample 'data/sounds/vehicles/engine/john_deere_7310r/john_deere_7r_transmission.wav'.2019-05-08 21:30 Error: Can't load resource 'data/sounds/vehicles/engine/joh
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