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HoneyDewFarmsXl v1.0.0.4
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HoneyDewFarmsXl v1.0.0.4

EN (Original): I made everyting at the main farm sellable. So if you want to start from scratch then just delete the defaultVehicle file and you are good to go.Also remember to delete the defaultVehicle file before starting on a server. This will avoid any loading issues.
DE: Ich habe alles auf der Hauptfarm verkaufbar gemacht. Wenn Sie also bei Null anfangen wollen, löschen Sie einfach die defaultVehicle-Datei, und Sie sind bereit zu gehen. Denken Sie auch daran, die defaultVehicle-Datei vor dem Start auf einem Server zu löschen. Dadurch werden Probleme beim Laden vermieden.
FR: J'ai tout fait vendre à la ferme principale. Donc, si vous voulez recommencer à zéro, supprimez simplement le fichier defaultVehicle et vous êtes prêt à partir. Pensez également à supprimer le fichier defaultVehicle avant de démarrer sur un serveur. Cela évitera tout problème de chargement.
PL: Zrobiłem wszystko w głównej gospodarstwie. Więc jeśli chcesz zacząć od zera, po prostu usuń plik defaultVehicle i jesteś gotowy do pracy. Pamiętaj też o usunięciu pliku defaultVehicle przed uruchomieniem na serwerze. Pozwoli to uniknąć problemów z ładowaniem.


  • @tinman
    2018-12-15 00:42
    Thanks Tinman, you said this was the final version on this map? I hope you make some other ones like this. I love farming on big open areas, and as a new map maker you´re doing a great job friend.
  • Wijba
    2018-12-15 00:47
    TX Tinman, gonna try it and make a lot of hours on this map.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-15 01:01
    I might be interested in making another one called Pleasant Valley but I'd really like some ideas from you guys. Let me know what you would like to see
  • @tinman
    2018-12-15 01:17
    We'd all like to see you test your crap more before you upload a new version every single day. That's what we'd like. Thanks for asking :)
  • Sumwon
    2018-12-15 01:23
    Thank you Tinman, I'm inspired to learn .. thanks for your efforts and tolerance
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 01:23
    still cant download.. everytime I try my antivirus stops it because it says it contains a virus
  • Tinman
    2018-12-15 01:28
    So don't download my crap then. If you had any sense at all you'd notice everything screwed up after the 1.2 patch. But hey thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. It feels me with joy knowing you got nothing better to do than troll mod sites
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 01:29
    dude I love your map that's why im trying to get you to help me out
  • Ron


    2018-12-15 01:43
    I say keep it as it is now and don't make no more updates. The map is perfect as it is. Great job TINMAN. Love the wide open maps, not a lot of trees and easily to operate around the plots. In FS17 I mainly played XL FARMS and NORTHWEST TEXAS, both x4 maps. Love what you have made so far here for FS19, PARADISE & HONEYDEW. Can't wait to see if you make more. Let the trolls do their thing as to they can't make maps, so they gotta pick on others! You just do your thing TINMAN!!!
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 01:52
    can someone email me this file so I can download it? I cant download off of Modsfile. [email protected] thank you in advance
  • Tinman
    2018-12-15 02:04
    I'm sending it now but i live in the sticks so it will take a few!! Unless someone with better internet is doing it?
  • @tinman
    2018-12-15 02:08
    If you're looking for ideas, maybe try masturbating with sandpaper instead of map making, 'cause map making isn't your thing
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 02:18
    thanks Tinman. I emailed you earlier this evening so you should already have my email lol
  • Farmer jon
    2018-12-15 02:19
    Hey Tinman keep up the good work. I would love to see a California based map for fs19.
  • Brad
    2018-12-15 03:29
    tinman I like this map great job I would like to see a new mexico based map or a texas map keep up the good work
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 03:36
    @TINMAN did you ever send that email? I haven't received it yet.
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 03:46
    @12Morganc : I don't have any antivirus (only the one from windows) & I use Adblock plus & I don't have any problems.
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 04:02
    @luc ive tried everything I cant get it to download. someone will just have to email me the file.
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 04:08
    Here :https://drive.google.com/open?id=18XF4m1Mo8vIGIXPb-sPrItOGeoqT3Iao
  • Aussie boy
    2018-12-15 04:10
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 04:11
    Just click on download at the top right screen. Hope it will help you
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 04:24
    @luc dumb question for you.. but download at the top right of what screen lol?
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 04:31
    @12MorgancForget that , just click on download on the center of your screen & ignore the message they said then the file is too big lol
  • 12morganc
    2018-12-15 04:32
    Got it! only took me about 3 hours lol! thank you!
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 04:33
    You welcome & enjoy :)
  • **asa**
    2018-12-15 05:44
    So i was bored to death on the maps that were out there, until I downloaded this map. You knocked it out of the park with bases loaded !! Everything works great and talk about having room to add what you want is totally awesome! For those who do not like open maps..go elsewhere. I was a big fan of Hobbs on 17 and there's a new sheriff in town. LOLGreat job Tinman!
  • Tinman
    2018-12-15 06:08
    I'm really glad you enjoy it. That definitely encourages me to do another one. Thanks
  • El loco
    2018-12-15 08:03
    Thanks TINMAN I very much appreciate it. Pay no mind to the losers here criticizing you, they are just jealous parasites that don't produce anything life. Some of us appreciate what you are doing.....God bless you Sir.
  • Fuiret
    2018-12-15 09:05
    belle map domage que les enclos des animeaux ne soit pas reconnus
  • Keltainen
    2018-12-15 09:24
    Where is the mapSA_environment.xml folder? I want to edit the auto exposure but can't find it
  • Michael
    2018-12-15 13:06
    :-) great job Tinman.
  • Farmer guy
    2018-12-15 13:48
    This map is great man, keep up the good work. This map will be even better when courseplay comes out. :)
  • Tinman
    2018-12-15 14:06
    I have uploaded a file for the guys who want to brighten up the map.Just drag the two files into the maps folder and replace. Then just continue your game
  • Chiefcdog
    2018-12-15 19:03
    I cant dl your map on theMod Hud page I was able to dl the the first map but havent been able to dl any of the versions Cant find the start button to commence the dl Is it me or the page.
  • Luc


    2018-12-15 20:41
    Take it in my Google Drive here :https://drive.google.com/open?id=18XF4m1Mo8vIGIXPb-sPrItOGeoqT3Iao
  • Stumpjumper
    2018-12-15 23:30
    Love what you're doing here Tinman. Most US farmlands look like this. Flat rolling land. Only issue I'm having is I can only tedder grass for hay in one direction. Has anyone else encountered this?
  • Zach
    2018-12-15 23:51
    since u asked for suggestions lots of small square fields that we can buy a piece at a time and connect them with a plow as we see fit so there is a way to progress with the giant fields i only need one or two if they were a lot smaller have to keep buying and connecting to get a big farm just a thought
  • Keltainen
    2018-12-16 00:02
    I don't want to brighten it I want to remove auto exposure so I can see when looking in the direction of the sun
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 00:26
    Hey @Keltainen. Delete the auto exposure from the environment file. That's why I put it in the map. It normally runs off the factory settings
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 00:29
    @STUMPJUMPER I noticed I can tedder grass when in any direction but south. I have absolutely no idea what causes that
  • Goatsfarm
    2018-12-16 00:30
    ZACH I always buy everything from the beginning. The total price of this card is about at least 105 000 000 which I then enter in careerSavegame.xml and farms.xml under money
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 02:06
    I been working on another map but I don't know about a bunch of little fields. I was kind of going the other way. It's a regular size map so I might just put it 5 or 6 fileds
  • Dctoe
    2018-12-16 02:37
    Thanks for the updates man. Love this map. Keep doing what you're doing.
  • Dlehman
    2018-12-16 03:04
    I think there is an issue with contracts. I started a harvest oats contract on field 3. However it says to deliver them to the barn. I’ve sold straw at the barn, but it doesn’t accept oat. I’ve tried pulling though the front of the barn where the grate is, but that doesn’t trigger either. So is this an issue with contracts or the barn trigger?
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 04:41
    I haven't seen that contract. The barn doesn't take crops. Maybe a fs19 bug
  • Stumpjumper
    2018-12-16 05:42
    Yea Tinman it's south. Unfortunately the only maps I have seen this is Paradise and Honey Dew. Weird. if I find anything will let you know. Thanks for great work.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 06:32
    Yeah I'd greatly appreciate it. Can't say I have any ideas.
  • Dlehman
    2018-12-16 18:42
    Here is a screen shotThe mission wants me to harvest wheat and take it to the barn. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jgLLrcMzfrbklwwweXTQgDKNMHr6DyhY/view?usp=sharing
  • Mac


    2018-12-16 19:58
    Played alot of fs17 on the NW Texas map, live in Indiana so naturally would love a flat corn belt map that represents the Midwest, mainly so I don't have to believe I'm harvesting with the ocean behind me like the FS19 "American" map.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 19:59
    I do not set the missions. It has to be a bug with the game it's self but all in all that's just weird
  • Tinman
    2018-12-16 21:12
    Yeah I'm from Kentucky so I'm use to flat open land with houses far apart. Never seen city farming like fs19 is trying to pull off.... Lol
  • Tomobrm
    2018-12-16 22:38
    @TINMAN is this final version of the map because every fck day i must download new version and start playing new game all over again? Very good job @TINMAN keep going and thank you for this big map because i do not like small shitty maps.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-17 00:31
    Yes this is the final version. Hopefully the next patch doesn't screw up everything
  • Tinman
    2018-12-17 01:21
    The new map comes out tomorrow if anyone is interested
  • Zach
    2018-12-17 15:17
    I am interested but is there anyway we can download them from modhub this new computer i got deletes everything i download from that other website scans it and deletes it
  • Zach
    2018-12-17 15:19
    i haven't even got to play ur new update
  • Tinman
    2018-12-17 23:10
    Sorry guys but I will not be uploading any more mods on modhub
  • Dlehman
    2018-12-18 01:17
    I have a theory on the contract bug. I’m going through the xml of the i3d file trying to find selling point IDs. If I look at the missions file, I can edit the sell point that allowed me to finish the mission. When you moved things around for your own map, did you give the barn the ID of another sell point and missed changing some other attribute? Also if you are not uploading on modhub anymore where are you uploading? I like this big open map and am trying to help you
  • Tinman
    2018-12-18 02:10
    I'd definitely appreciate the help. I'm just going to keep my other maps for myself and a couple friends. The amount of rudeness and hostility I have received is not worth it. I'll definitely look into the missions.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-18 02:11
    I didn't realize I had to edit the field missions. I knew I had to do the transport missions.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-18 03:20
    Where did you edit the sell points for the missions? Shot me a email [email protected]
  • Warondar
    2018-12-18 23:37
    WTF is wrong with you people? The amount of hostility towards any FS19 mod coming out on modhub.us is nothing short of targeted online harassment and bullying by at least one person. Previous FS games have had issues like this, but this is a whole new level of downright unacceptable online behavior.Thanks Tinman for your map and the work you've put into it. I don't think these losers even know how to open the editor to mod anything.
  • Jaycob
    2018-12-19 08:21
    the mod file contains an virus
  • Jimmy
    2018-12-19 11:12
    Is anyone else having issues using the animal pens that are already placed when i go to buy animals it says i dont own any pens
  • Starteh
    2018-12-19 23:53
    Hi! Many thanks for a card! We have started to play a multiplayer a command, and we have detected a bug with a silo, on all card it cannot be lifted not one arrangement except for silage twisted in a silage hole.
  • Tator
    2018-12-21 03:58
    @TINMAN Keep up the good work. I recently uploaded a few mods, my first since FS15. Keep up the good work. I usually keep any and all mods I make to myself. If you need any help or have questions comment and ill try to send you some way to contact me.
  • Dlehman
    2018-12-23 17:16
    @tinman,A couple updates after a week of play. The missions issue has not come back. I have no idea it must have been a fluke. I know others have posted on teddering going south. When I’m using the crazy plow it skips a lot going north and south, but east and west are fine. I don’t have any other xl maps to use it on. So I can’t say if it is your map or that mod. @jimmy No issues here, I’m raising animals now.
  • @tinman
    2018-12-31 10:06
    Hey the pasture didn't work in the first file do they now?
  • Kimierose
    2019-01-04 17:46
    I love this map. It's the only map i use.
  • Hunter lee
    2019-01-09 01:35
    @TINMAN i sent you a email
  • Mikeog
    2019-01-12 01:59
    Hey @tinman,Recently we've been getting some errors the mods used were the same on other maps so pretty sure that isn't the issue.https://pastebin.com/fN5tXvURThis is the log out of the console and it gets pretty spammy at times any ideas?
  • Drakomis
    2019-01-20 01:18
    To be frank and honest, he was using a website known to harbor trojans and never once did anything about it. Some of the hostility was warranted for that, but not for him making a map. I understand he was getting paid for it, but at the cost of infecting his customers?I don't know.Hope he comes back.
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