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Hopfach v1.2.7.2
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Hopfach v1.2.7.2

Welcome to the Hop Box.

Weaving bale triggers added
Mission vehicle bug fixed
Adjusted pallet weights
Environment better adapted from the lighting conditions and rain periods but increases duration decreased
GC minimum down to release version of GC again
Added Chinese, Czech and French translation
New savegame should be taken when updating from to!
No new savegame is needed from version to!

GC version minimum increased for better compatibility (
Processed pallets
Fixed Terrado's mission error
Grass, hay and straw capacity increased to 500000 for better seasons experience
Woodshop fixed price, as the selling price was not intended

Seedmaker reduces grain consumption to 65% to make trading possible among players
Pure dairy farms adjusted milk production
Lime filling increased from 1000 l / h to 6000 l / h
Courtyard 4 adapted the middle water trigger at the greenhouses
Field 75/76 tree collision adapted that only the tree has collision
Pallet production in Reinsberg set the trigger lower
Hof 10 milk trigger adjusted that now milk can be picked up, as the 2 slurry triggers are fixed.
Flour filling now no longer requires field 99
Carton production set the pallet trigger lower
Hof 16 Milk and manure triggers adjusted
Honey milk production pick-up trigger adjusted
Flour filling pallets associated with consumption of the correct production
Dairy farms have been given alternative feed for Seasons bottlenecks
Sheep farms can now also buy alternative feed (pellets) for Seasons
Weaving now also accepts cotton
Butchery in Otterbach now takes cardboard instead of empty pallets at the Angus, as it was intended
Concentrated feed mixer adapted from input consumption
Pig feed mixer reduces crop consumption
Fixed more flying trees
Sawmills slight changes
Pallet productions input slightly adjusted
Farm 7 calves trig adapted
Mission vehicles adapted to the hop compartment
Farm silos - added missing fruit and added lime for performance reasons, no extra silos need to be built
Recommendation for a new savegame!

Most people will know, but the hop compartment is as faithful a copy as possible including the height model of the area around Hopfach.
In the LS17, the hop compartment was created by Lunchbox, so the praise for the buildings and design applies to him.
Lunchbox then ceded the hop compartment as a project and I then converted it into the LS19. Therefore again a big thank you to Lunchbox for the release.

What awaits you at the Hop Box:
255 purchasable parcels
220 fields from 0.2 to 18.6 ha
14 other crops
Over 100 GC productions including stables
All productions are permanently installed
Over 20 yards
Seasons ready

What do you need at mods to play the card:
GlobalCompany: ls-modcompany modhub
Everything else is integrated in the map.

Friesenjung Transport Pack: Hopper Transport Pack
Hofübersicht PDF by etebteb: Hofübersicht PDF
Production PDF by etebteb: Production overview PDF
Cattle dealer PDF by etebteb: Cattle dealer PDF
Autodrive main road network by ralfrhoen: Autodrive

Latest version:

Important informations:
1. Since the hop compartment is not exactly small, at least 8GB Ram are recommended.
2. In the multiplayer the server after the purchase of the yard silos must be restarted once, so that you can then use the yard silos.
3. Minimum Patch is 1.5.1.
4. Savegames from older versions are not supported.
5. Placeable stables are not supported.
6. In the case of mutual wage status, production materials can also be used by both users.
7. Minimum GC version is

Alternative download link:
Uploaded Premium only: Uploaded Premium only

LSMC Forum: ls-modcompany
Discord: LS19_Hopfach
If only a non-modified version of the hop compartment is provided, the support expires for you if changed. You should be aware of that.
Assistance will only be given with a complete log. You can find these under "... / My Games / FarmingSimulator2019". Everything else is ignored, as guessing is not my case.

Uploading to other websites is not allowed.

Now I wish you a lot of fun exploring and playing on the Hopfach!


  • Wrangler
    2019-12-03 09:09 Send message
    0 2
    Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Flyover - Hopfach FS19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1BD0aCBmTQ
  • Caamo
    2019-12-03 13:15
    2 0
    Nice silage bale discount at the store... First one 2100, and after that 650 per bale... ;)
  • Farmer
    2019-12-03 16:21
    1 0
    CAAMO it is black Friday
  • Wv joe
    2019-12-03 18:25
    0 0
    How do u get beehives from the carpenter... they wont spawn and I cant seem to find a trailer that works either.
  • Vernon
    2019-12-03 23:36 Send message
    2 1
    why anyone is worried about vehicles and trailers for is I am not sure this map is for garden tractors and trailers when the roads look like goat trails fit for garden tractors. a map of this size and that's what looks fun don't pass other vehicles cause no room on road who ever made this map should look at the dondiego map the roads match the equipment in this game lol this is goat trail Hopfach Map
  • Modmaniac
    2019-12-04 03:13
    5 2
    VERNON did you ever think that not all roads on this planet are not the same size. some countries the roads are narrow and vehicles have to pull to the side of the road just to pass each other. maybe this map is based off of one off these countries that have very narrow roads. what the hell is wrong with you people ? you would probably complain if some one gave you money for free because you didnt think it was enough. if you dont like it dont play it . uninstall it and play a map that fits your
  • Vernon
    2019-12-08 19:30 Send message
    1 0
    well have fun with goat trail country then I will enjoy room to drive in game. I guess the country I live in isn't pressed for space lol but have fun with your goat trail map lol
  • Mcfields
    2019-12-30 15:48
    0 0
    Why cant i by any cows on the map i can only see horses??
  • Tractor23
    2020-01-01 22:42
    0 0
    bonjour pour moi le rm saison ne fonctionne pas pouvez vous me dire pourquoi merci par avance bien cordialement
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