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Horsch Pronto9DC - MultiFruit - MultiColor v1.1
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Horsch Pronto9DC - MultiFruit - MultiColor v1.1

A modified sowing machine

Version 1.1
-> poplars added

The following changes have been made:
-> All previously available fruit varieties from the LS19 were packed in (MultiFruit)
-> Colors for Body added (MultiColor)
-> colors for rims added (MultiColor)
-> Saagut capacity increased to 7.750l
-> Fertilizer capacity increased to 4,750l

-> THIS MOD IS 100% MP FAST !!!

The mod was tested !!!
LOG completely ERROR FREE !!!!!

If you have questions, I am happy to assist you on my TS3 server:
Server Address: ----->

The change and spread of this mod is punishable and is also pursued accordingly!
Uploading and deploying this mod on other platforms is prohibited !!!

If you still have wishes I will do my best to implement them;)
Write me your wishes or suggestions for improvement please by private message!


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    so you took the pronto from the game made some changes and call it your propertyand even dare threaten to suei wil do as i please .... (just like you)
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