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HoT Stable Manure Area v1.0
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HoT Stable Manure Area v1.0

Finally no more dung pyramids in the stable
HoT tools
HoT Stable Manure Area
known from LS17 of Marhu, now brought from us with release in the 19er.
I all know the crap pyramids.
Simply the script with in the modsfolder and activate.
The script works globally, so in all stables (assuming crap is present) and on all dung slabs
just that crap shows up.
Have fun!

San Andreas

  • Caamo
    2019-10-20 02:24
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    This mod... and I really mean a MOD, is again one of the best. These are the MODS we need, not some stupids edits or unrealistic 300k liter shovels, monster trucks, military vehicles, etc... Thank you for this and all your hard work! I'm glad there are still some REAL modders!
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