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Hud files for ModMaps and IndividualHudFruit v1.1
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Hud files for ModMaps and IndividualHudFruit v1.1

Hereby I put my hud files at your disposal

Version 1.1
iron ore
gold ore

I've even edited all and provided with names and colorful pictures so you have in the price overview and the attachment / trailer small pictures
If you need any other pictures feel free to contact me
should I have provided a picture of another modder verbose have reported. it was not intentional. I have searched all images on Google

Must be unzipped
There are 2 folders in it
- Hud Files ModMap (the content has to be copied into the huds folder of the Modmap and overwritten)
- IndividualHudFruits (content must be copied to the IndividualHudFruits folder and replaced)

OnkelBob füs mithelfen der Bildersuche

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