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Huerlimann H4105 v1.0.0.0
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Huerlimann H4105 v1.0.0.0

In 1989, the SAME GROUP launched three tugs with the additional designation "Elite" on the market.
The smallest model in this series, the H-4105 Elite, was also the only four-cylinder tug.
For the Hürlimann engine fitted had in addition to a turbocharger additionally intercooler.
His equivalent within the group was the Lamborghini "Formula-105".

Technical specifications:
Price: 55.800 €
Power: 105hp to 145hp
Road speed: 42 Km / h
Worklights front and rear
In addition:
Front loader, front hydraulics, exhaust flap, fenders, warning light,
Color choice, tires configurable and mouse control of the doors, windows.
Stoll front loader console
Hydraulic connection Bremi456
Hauer front loading console Unknown


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    2020-01-16 09:55
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