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Hulk Flatbed v1.0.0.0
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Hulk Flatbed v1.0.0.0

Giants vanilla Hulk edited to become a flat bed. The frame has been extended to accommodate a 24 ft flatbed. The bed is equipped with tension belts and will hold between 15 to 18 large square bales depending on how you stack them. Plus you can load any other pallets and items that can be 
secure with tension belts. You have three different exhaust combinations to choose from along with cab color choices and separate bed color choices. Your exhaust selections are two different curved tip exhausts one in chrome and one in galvanized. Your straight stacks are chrome with rain caps installed. You also have several power options. This has been an effort by Greasersnoopy and myself. We hope you get some pleasure out of this model.
The truck will be found in trucks category or under the Lizard brand. Since there are no scripts it should be multi player ready.


  • Eagle355th is thief
    2019-04-02 23:36
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    I wrote the truth about Eagle355th.this is a public deception. This is stolen mod, Eagle355th is ordinary liar and thief...He steals mods and releases editions mods without the permission of the original authors. People like you are destroying modding. Shame!!!
  • Adde
    2019-04-03 00:10
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    Thats Mod-shaming,its like fat-shaming but with nobody giving a sh't.
  • Hey ding dong
    2019-04-03 00:18
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    where in this Galaxy are you from..Stupiter? the creditors are listed: GiantsGreasersnoopy and JohnDeere1952. you acusse others blindly - in America that's called 'slander' and or deformation of character of which is punishable by law (you can not just acusse anybody for any reason)..where is YOUR Proof - not Words..because anybody can say words right?..lets examine your words - "I wrote the truth about Eagle355th.this is a public deception. This is stolen mod, Eagle355th is ordinary liar
  • Koalat
    2019-04-03 03:14 Send message
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    There's always that one crybaby....
  • Just trying to have fun
    2019-04-03 04:30
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    I wish these comments had something to do with how good or not good the mod is.
  • Stfu crybaby
    2019-04-03 04:50
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    You need a tissue?
  • Shut me up - punk
    2019-04-03 06:12
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    2019-04-03 17:59
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  • Adde
    2019-04-03 23:28
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  • Name
    2019-05-12 22:29
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    this is my opinion and I think that you should make it where you can lower it and load vehicles on it and at the front of it you should put a winch so you can pull vehicles on to it
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