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Hulk Semi By Nasir v1.0
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Hulk Semi By Nasir v1.0

Built off the Hulk Semi from the base game. Contributors (Nasir, RatedT)

Added Front Grille Marker Lights
Added Side Step Marker Lights
Added Rear Cab Marker Light
Added Real Rear Work Lights
Added Cab Top Mount Strobe Lights
Added Real Front Mount High Beam

Highway Radials: Single Steer and Dual Drives
Trelleborg Off-Road Tires

3 Motor Options:
All Motor Options are set to 10000+ HP (will fine tune in next release)

Steering and Drive:
Increased Steering Speed
Increase Max Steering Angle
Added 4 Axle Steering
Lowered Lift Axle
All Wheel Drive (8x8)
Increased Brake Performance
Increased Traction
Increased Top Speed : 120kph

Cost: $0
Lifetime: 600
(You can change this easily if you want it to be more realistic. Don't complain if you don't like it)

~ Upcoming v2.0
Add Funtional Lift Axle
Tune Motor Power Options
Real Marker Lights
Flush Mount Strobe Lights
More Tire Options
Rear Bumper Mount Hitch

Lighting by Nasir
Steering and Drive by RatedT

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    This is 100% Working
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