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IBC Water 1000L v2.1.0.0
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IBC Water 1000L v2.1.0.0

IBC Water 1000L v2.0.0.0
A 1000 Liter IBC configured to hold water. Contents can be dumped into animal water troughs, water trailers, and other IBCs that can hold water. Found in the pallets category with other IBC.

I made this because I felt there was a gap in IBC, as none held water, and there was no way to store and transport water aside from trailers. These IBC can hold 1000L, move contents between water trailers and IBC, provide water to animals, and can be fastened by tension belts for travel and also picked up and thrown when empty enough. This is version of this mod and adds translation for all available languages and is now completely error free, so now its got all the features of an IBC water tank that you would expect and works much cleaner. I also lowered the price to be more in-line with real life IBC, and added a line of code in the changelog that can be cut/pasted to make the IBC spawn with water by default if desired. This will probably be the final version unless I find out how to add a decent water effect. Works in single/multiplayer. Drop zip file into mods folder. If replacing v1.0.0.0. all your water IBC will disappear so sell them first, no known issues with upgrading from v2.0.0.0. Suggestions, tips, and CC welcome.


Steve O Malley

By Steve O Malley

  • Somalley
    2019-01-23 03:15 Send message
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    I goofed the header but its v2.1.0.0
  • Jd


    2019-01-23 08:43
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    I have been loving this mod. I am fixing to make a mod review on it. This is a very needed mod for early game. Great work Somalley
  • Somalley
    2019-01-23 16:38 Send message
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    Awesome thanks I appreciate it
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