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Ideal Electric (Alpine DLC wird benotigt) v1.9.0.1
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Ideal Electric (Alpine DLC wird benotigt) v1.9.0.1

This is the Agco Ideal from the Ideal extension converted into an electric thresher. For the mod to work at all, you have to be in possession of the Alpine DLC. Without the Alpine DLC, this mod won't work for you.

Contents of the package:
- Ideal 7PL, Ideal 8PL, Ideal 9PL and 10PL
- Ideal 7t, Ideal 8t, Ideal 9t and 10t

- AddStorageCategory by Ifko [nator]
- ChangeModTitle by Ifko [nator]
- threshingFlowIndicator by da-hoffi
- AddConfig by Ifko [nator]
- lightExtension by GTX
- tirePressure Script by Wopster

- Ideally 7PL, 7T and 10PL, 10t inserted
- Grain tank capacity can be selected (12500 l and 17100 l)
- Added rim colors
- Color choice of seat upholstery
- Choice of upholstery (fabric or leather)
- Animated tablet
- Tire manufacturers Trelleborg and Michelin
- Tire variants standard and wide tires (according to manufacturer catalog)
- Threshing status symbols inserted (open grain tank, pipe extended and straw storage off)
- Interior options (fabric or leather)
- Autocontur from Zetor6245 added (incline compensation for the cutting units)
- 2nd display animated
- Kilometer display built into the tablet (Blacky's kilometer display mod is required)
- Added color selection on thresher and all cutting units
- Start screen with brand logo (Fendt or MF depending on the configuration)
- Animated performance display
- Wopster tire pressure system
- Universal Passenger support added (the Universal Passenger Mod from the Modhub is required)
- A front axle is optically installed
- Buyable warning signs for front and rear added
- Scripts can be activated or deactivated in the shop in the configurations
- Optical tire pressure system installed

Recommended mods:
Mileage display mod
Universal Passenger Mod


  • Not mathematically possible
    2020-11-26 22:46
    6 2
    a battery that would run for 1/2 of an hour would weigh 12 tons
  • Rover
    2020-11-27 02:47
    0 0
  • Ahead of its time
    2020-12-12 21:05
    0 0
    Give it another 2 decades and batteries will be good enough even for this application. Total operating costs will likely be much lower than diesel fuel.
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