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IDEAL XL v1.1.0.0
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IDEAL XL v1.1.0.0

Here is the original ideal with small changes.
He now drives 45 km / h and has a grain tank of 45000 l.
If you do not need it, do not load it and make meaningless comments. Thanks

Giants / Sam

  • Growthickskin
    2018-12-12 01:22 Send message
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    You have an option to NOT read comments. You post your mods on a publicly and free forum, expect people to comment. Get over yourself buttercup. Any idiots with half a sense of editing xml files, or downloading the Giants editor can take the stock equipment and tweak it.
  • Shit
    2018-12-12 14:51 Send message
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    This is Simulator - not fucking joke
  • Tinman
    2018-12-12 22:35 Send message
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    Then you wonder why we stop uploading mods. Good luck playing the game without mods!! That's why your here dumbass... To get mods..... Lol
  • Tinman$uk$
    2018-12-13 01:17 Send message
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    We are here to make fun of the dipshits who are here modding others work, or exporting stock and putting colors on them. Ooohhh Ahhhh lookie....mommie...I can read and use a text editor and a free giants editor. Tinman, dipshits like you don't know what modding is. How about creating something from a fresh new ideal, instead of tweaking something that 15+ people already have. If you are coming here to download teaked stock mods....you shouldn't be any authority on anything numbnuts.
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