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Improved performance v1.0.1.0
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Improved performance v1.0.1.0

If you stuck with small field yield, then this mod is for you!
Mod name I guess is self descriptive, so all this mod is doing – is incease field yield plus few more nice features like reduce seeds and fertilizer usage.

Install as usual mod.
Predefined settings:
wheat – 10x increase
barley – 8x increase
oat – 6x increase
cotton – 2x increase
canola – 6x increase
sunflower – 4x increase
soybean – 10x increase
maize – 6x increase
potato – 2x increase
sugarbeet – 2x increase
oilseedradish – 2x increas
poplar – 2x increase
sugarcane – 2x increase
grass – 6x increase
drygrass – 6x increase

Seeds usage for several crops sliglty reduced.
All fertilizer usage is reduced to a bit as well.

Style, you need to do next:
1. Install mod and launch the game. That will generate settings file, which you may find here:
“C: \ Users \ {username} \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2019 \ modsSettings \ EnlargeFieldYield \ enlargeFieldYieldSettings.xml”

2. Open enlargeFieldYieldSettings.xml and edit next attributes:
For crops:
– seedUsagePerSqm – control amount of seed usage. Lower value => less seeds will be used.
– literPerSqm – control yield amount. Lower value => less yield you want to get.

For Fertilizers:
– litersPerSecond – control amount of fertilizer usage. Lower value => less fertilizer will be used ..
Attributes like defaultSeedUsagePerSqm, defaultLiterPerSqm, defaultLitersPerSecond I give for orientation what is in vanilla game.

Error free.
Works in multiplayer.


  • Bob


    2020-10-18 01:09
    2 9
    so what ,you changed the yield amounts on the original mod and made it 1.01?wow,you are quite the modder!
  • Slam dunk
    2020-10-18 09:14
    7 3
    If you don't have anything useful to say then don't. If the mod is bad or good then say that. But that garbage is useless. Must be nice to say trash like that and not get your ass kicked.
  • @slam dunk
    2020-10-18 18:28
    1 1
    where do you see trash?...you must be the guy that posted this crap...download the original mod from a year ago and get over yourself...this is garbage...and you should have YOUR ass kicked for stealing it
  • @slam dunk
    2020-10-19 12:41
    0 1
    What do you expect off here.
  • Name
    2020-10-25 15:00
    1 0
    Bunch of girls on this site, always bickering.
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