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International 1066 puller v1.0.0.0
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International 1066 puller v1.0.0.0

Ok im gonna release the puller it does have some errors i understand so dont say anything bout it or i will remove this file do dont ruin it for everyone else!!!! enjoy! ps.i might also be releasing another puller soon
original mod is from i believe oldiron modding or something like that.

Oldiron1214/edited by mustard modding

  • Farmer boy
    2020-02-22 20:09
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  • Ritrucker
    2020-02-22 20:11 Send message
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    Though not my cup of tea, she does look very nice. However, that's not the reason for this comment. The reason for the comment is; why are you threatening to remove a link if people leave comments about errors and such? How are you supposed to get better if you can't handle people critiquing your work? Come on. Strap on your big kid clothes, and learn to handle criticism, then use said criticism to your advantage to improve, and prove the doubters wrong.
  • Frank furter
    2020-02-22 21:40
    5 2
    Ritrucker, There is a difference between criticism and name calling and put downs. Add some trolls in the mix and you got the makings of an unpleasant experience and that's what you usually get for your efforts in making a mod and posting it on here. Nobody should have to endure that kind of grief no matter what pants they got on. PS, nice looking tractor.
  • Frank furter
    2020-02-22 23:29
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    Btw, Few errors on err eh bud
  • Frank furter
    2020-02-23 01:50
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    an other one that cant read it ays so in the description
  • Todd
    2020-02-23 02:25
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    ty for the cool mod.dont listen to the getting butthurt snowflakes
  • Me


    2020-02-23 03:36
    2 3
    this is retarded
  • Lol!!!
    2020-02-23 03:52
    4 3
    threatening us that if we comment about errors, you will delete it? that's fine, many of us have downloaded, and can, and will re-upload it if you take it down. don't underestimate us kid.
  • Frank furter (the real one)
    2020-02-23 06:10
    2 2
    I believe this line of garbage comments is what the author was wanting to avoid. I agree with Todd there's just too many snowflakes with a bad case of hemorrhoids and no way to avoid them. The immaturity and satanic attacks of some people instills in me no hope for the future of humanity.
  • First name, last name
    2020-02-23 20:00
    3 0
    Well, you guys do realize they need constructive criticism, or else their mods won't improve. While I agree with the level of immaturity in the comments section is horrendous, mod creators need to know what people spot, like errors for example, so that they can fix them in later updates. Those who don't accept constructive criticism, or any criticism for that matter, are very selfish and immature themselves.
  • Mike
    2020-02-24 00:29
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    Its because of people like "LOL!!!" above that people make mods that are absolutely amazing, but keep them private and all for themselves. People that act like assholes and dicks dont deserve to get good mods. They dont appreciate them. They just act like entitled piles of shit, and ruin it for the people who dont know how to mod, and genuinely appreciate the mods that skilled modders share with the world. Then when the original modder has had enough of peoples shit, they take all their mods dow
  • Lol!!!
    2020-02-24 15:49
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    butttt............. we can still reupload these mods whenever we please, so......... deal with it. if modder takes it down, we roll out. hahahahahahahahahaha!
  • Mike
    2020-02-26 05:58
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    @LOL!!!. Yes, we know that. You may have the upper hand with any mods that this author may have posted, but because of your attitude, and people like you, he may decide to say "fuck it, im done." And he may continue to produce awesome mods, and not share them with us. Who knows the awesome things he, and other modders may produce, that they could decide to cut us off from. You may feel big and tough now, but modders have the upper hand in the end. They get the last laugh, because they can decide
  • Farmer guy
    2020-03-04 23:05
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    this mod is stolen. this is a really shitty edit of a mod that was stolen then this kid removes the credits puts his name on it and releases it as a pile of shit. hell the front axle is in the frame of the tractor.
  • This mod and more...
    2020-03-17 23:15
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    Butt-hurt? Nah. Snowflake? Not even. Confused? Totally. Can't figure out why so many useless mods are infiltrating this game. Tanks. "Halo" crap. Pulling tractors. I have World of Tanks downloaded, don't need it here. Halo...not my kind of game, don't need that shit here. Pulling tractors, shit, create a new game for it, but leave this shit off of this game. OK, maybe not useless mods, but these are mods that could be and should be used elsewhere, and not in a FARMING GAME.
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