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JD 6M AdBlue Added v1.0.0.0
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JD 6M AdBlue Added v1.0.0.0

This is a fix to add AdBlue usage to the John Deere 6M Series. After the AdBlue mod was released I noticed a good number of the vehicles in 19 wasn't scripted to even use it. So I set about to fix this and thought I would share these fixes with those that would like them and not want to have to do it themselves.

To be used with the def pack:

Mod Addict

  • Enzo
    2019-06-02 22:24
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    They havent been addded because they are older and neither in real life they don't use AdBlue
  • Mod addict
    2019-06-08 14:26
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    Actually as of 2015 all 6M were changed over to tier 4 diesels which require them to have AdBlue. And considering this is for FS19 in 2019 it would mean to me that these have been changed over also. But it is really simple if you don't want it don't even click on the damn page to make pointless child comments.
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