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John Deere 332 v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 332 v1.0.0.0

John Deere 332 Pack
Special thanks and credit to Waldemar Wolkow and Kyle Gilas for testing. They found many helping me to produce a better end result for you.
Special thanks go to Daggerwin for featuring some early versions of this mod in his video and for helping to promote my Facebook group. click_here
Brand new custom3D Model built to nearly exact scale. All parts modelled after authentic John Deere parts found on the Internet, many parts are strappable and have color choice options. Custom sound from the actual tractor.
Pack Includes

John Deere 332 with three engine configuarations
12KM per hour
22KM per hour
22KM per hour more power
Large choice of tire options
The first tires in Farming Simulator to leave multiple track lines as far as I know - look at the pictures to see what I mean
Regular subsoiler tiller STRAPPABLE
Create fields tiller, not for hired workers STRAPPABLE
John Deere Mower deck right discharge
John Deere Mower deck rear discharge
John Deere Mower deck rear discharge bagger attacher
John Deere Mower deck no discharge
John Deere Bagger
John Deere 15 utility trailer
John Deere 44 Loader STRAPPABLE
John Deere 44 Loader Bucket
John Deere Front Weight
John Deere Back Weight

To follow future mod builds, report issues or offer suggestions please join my Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TimModding/


  • Name
    2020-03-21 19:41
    15 0
    Thank You So Much Tim!!!!
    • Timmodding
      2020-03-21 19:45 Send message
      18 0
      Youre welcome I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it
  • Name
    2020-03-21 20:20
    11 0
    Thanks so much Tim I love small mod mowers like this please make more!!! You're awesome Please Please Please make more your a great modder and please make them for ModHub at least please you the best later
  • 12271
    2020-03-21 21:26 Send message
    9 0
    This is awesome! Great job. Keep it up.
  • Very amazing and nice mod!
    2020-03-21 22:06
    8 0
    Thank you! I hope you make more mini tractors and lawn mowers. That was awesome mod.
  • Nice
    2020-03-21 22:19
    8 0
    Good mod. Make more these! Thx!
  • Velocity83
    2020-03-22 02:19 Send message
    8 0
    Great work Tim love it! only issue i've found is when i strapped it down I got this log error,Warning: Could not add shape 'GasCapStrap' (cube) to tension belts due to the missing CPU mesh flag.
  • I freaking love you tim!!!
    2020-03-22 03:51
    8 0
  • Name
    2020-03-22 10:33
    1 1
    love the mod but the grass cather is flying ing the air
    • Timmodding
      2020-03-22 16:22 Send message
      2 0
      Are you using the manual attach mod
  • Perfect tim!
    2020-03-22 11:45
    9 0
    Perfect Tim ! Great job ! Keep it up ! Why don't Greedy GIANTS Software make such great DLS for FREE ? Oh, yes, of course, you need money...)))) Greed and money will ruin this world...
  • Gijooe
    2020-03-22 16:29 Send message
    2 3
    Hey tim, can you make a john deere 4200https://www.google.com/search?q=john+deere+4200&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwj5jJ-qpa7oAhVSZawKHdc3BzYQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=john+deere+4200&gs_l=img.3..35i39l2j0l5j0i5i30l2j0i24.1666.1666..1928...0.0..
  • Stan
    2020-03-22 16:40
    2 1
    can you make 420 with a cab? it uses the same 44 loader
  • Velocitydk
    2020-03-22 18:41 Send message
    2 1
    OMFG! I've been waiting for the release of the JD 332 and here it is! :D No doubt: Amazing Mod - I love it! :)
  • Hi


    2020-03-22 19:07
    1 1
    It looks really good but it didn't show in my folder.
  • Satsuma
    2020-03-22 22:37
    2 2
    can you do john deere l100?
  • Hey tim
    2020-03-22 23:45
    3 2
    sorry to be a bother, if you have time it would be awesome if you could make a john deere 445 with a 60 inch deck: https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/buying-pricing-comparisons/510647d1495774199-1996-john-deere-445-current-img_7481-jpg i hope its not a bother to you, i just thought i'd make a suggestion if you are bored or looking for something create. :-)
  • Pattonm47
    2020-03-23 00:10 Send message
    2 1
    May you do a JD 955 or Ford 2120?
  • Nice
    2020-03-23 01:17
    4 0
    I have a JD 400 I use around the yard and I love it. They sure don't make lawn tractors like they used to!
  • A guy
    2020-03-23 01:39
    2 0
    @pattonm47 those 955's are badass machines! @nice, those old 400's are great tractors, anything from the 60s-00s mowers are built like a rock.
  • A guy
    2020-03-23 01:44
    2 0
    tim you rock! it's wonderful to see such awesome mods being brought to the game and making the game that much better, and realistic! i used to have a 318, which is identical to the 332 except it has the 18hp onan gas engine, and it was a workhorse! upgraded to a 445 a couple years ago. both are great well built machines. the 318 has about 1300 hours, but burns some oil, and the 445 has almost 2000, burns no oil. jd makes such great machines that are built to last! thank you very much tim for thi
  • A guy
    2020-03-23 01:45
    2 0
    s awesome mod! **whoops, i guess the site didn't get this last part haha.
  • Tech help
    2020-03-23 01:51
    2 0
    Hello @Hi, I'm sorry to here that this mod isn't showing up in your mods folder. I assume the file has been downloaded incorrectly, or didn't complete fully. Please re-download the mod and it should work for you. If not, please update your game to patch 1.5.1. It should work by then. Best regards, Gabe.
  • Name
    2020-03-23 17:44
    0 1
    make an 8t
  • 12271
    2020-03-23 20:56 Send message
    1 0
    Can you please make the same setup but with a Ford Lawn mower, please?
  • Pattonm47
    2020-03-24 04:21 Send message
    1 0
  • Farmerarc
    2020-03-24 19:26 Send message
    0 2
    this is not rlly related to that mod but pls would u retexture the jcb loadall 520 b as i own one and i would like it if it was more realistic il dm u a picture of it if so many thanks archie uk
  • Jl1771
    2020-03-25 19:41 Send message
    1 0
    A mower that actually works and a Deere to boot!
  • Simulator mods reviews
    2020-03-25 21:04
    0 2
  • Parsimods.ir
    2020-03-26 14:39
    0 1
  • Fly high
    2020-03-26 22:40
    1 0
    nothing runs like a deer
  • Cole
    2020-03-27 02:02
    0 1
    Great Mod. Was wondering if there was anyway you could make a little snow plow attachment for the back or possibly to attach to front loader that would be pretty neat
  • Farmer griffin
    2020-03-29 01:56
    1 0
    Great job
  • Pawanh
    2020-04-01 12:21
    1 0
    Great mod m8!You ought to create a Massey Ferguson 1520/25...it would be nice to see and have a compact tractor like Daggerwin's! ;)Plus there's not many compact tractors (if any) other than this superb one here!...GREAT JOB M8!
  • Dundee
    2020-04-04 17:14
    0 0
    Please can u send this mod on ps4 or to me because i have saw daggerwin use it and it looks so cool
  • Daggerwin
    2020-04-04 17:17
    3 0
    Thanks for this timmodding
  • Name
    2020-04-23 04:27
    0 0
    Could you possibly make a kubota b6000 that would be great
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