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John Deere 6030 Premium Series v2.0.0.0
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John Deere 6030 Premium Series v2.0.0.0

Hello Farming Simulator 19 players!
I presenting here the my second version John Deere 6030 Premium series.
In the new version, the mod has been refined, the tractor model has been improved, the textures have been improved,
new animations have been added, many new configurations have been corrected, errors from the previous version have been corrected.
I hope you will like the new version mod and and you'll appreciate my effort.
Have a nice game!

Changes in V2.0:
*Improved tractor model(news parts)
*Improved textures
*Added RDA in wheels
*Added Exhaust configuration: Normal and Chrome
*Added Number plates configuration
*Added new types tires: Michelin CereXBib2
*Added Movable Revers Swith
*Added new 14 types wheels congigutations
*Added extra weight configuration
*Fixed rear attacher

John Deere 6030 Premium Features:
- UDIM Textures
- Washable and Wearable
- Opening doors and back window
- Animated joystick
- Movable front axle
- 4 types Tires ---> Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas and Continetnal
- Seat suspension
- Warning Sings configuration
- Configuration selection --->  front weights or front hydraulics
- 4 types Front Loader Consoles ---> John Deere, Stoll, Hauer and Aloe (Trima/Quicke)
- 22 types wheels configurations
- 4 engine power versions ---> 6530, 6630, 6830 and 6930
- Pedal animation in the cabin
- Interior light
- GPS configuration
- N-Sensor configuration
- Terminals configuration
- License plates
- Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
- Displays animated
- Animation Steering Column
- Animated hydraulic
- Animation wipers
- And more other features...

*** No errors in LOG!!! ***

*Please keep only my download link and don’t upload this mod on other hosts!
*Please don't release edit this version mod!
*The ban on taking the mod to other forums with changed content post!


  • Hormsi
    2019-07-04 23:51
    2 2
    Great mod! Great Job! Respect for you! thx
  • Dafaq
    2019-07-05 08:07
    16 1
    Worst site to use to download, smdh
  • Farmer tango
    2019-07-05 10:58
    14 0
    I would love to try your mod, but I cannot download from this uploaded.net, please can you put it on the modhub.us Lots of people also would like to use your mod but will not download from uploaded.net for various reasons. Thanks
  • Ray


    2019-07-05 13:11
    9 0
    I agree with farmer tango can you please change the link. we have asked this but has not been done
  • Buzzy
    2019-07-06 11:10
    2 0
    Der Johnny schlepper ist voll Geil!Läuft sehr gut und nix zu bemängeln und auch die Log ist sauberDANKE für diesen geilen Mod.Ich kann es nur empfehlen diesen mod.
  • Deere
    2019-08-01 01:45
    0 0
    The Johnny tug is fully horny! Runs very well and nothing to complain about and the log is clean THANK YOU for this great Mod.I can only recommend this mod.this is buzzys translation
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