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John Deere 6140/6150R v1.0.0.2
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John Deere 6140/6150R v1.0.0.2

Hi this is my first public mod and I wish you a lot of fun with it

This is a 6140R & 6150R which has 4 configurations and no idea how many tires configs.

Have fun with my first public mod

PS: For the full use you need the Simple IC Mod from Modelleicher:


  • Wow


    2020-10-19 14:54
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    Amazing, it will join the rest of the 12589 JD 6 series we already have in FS19.
  • Guest
    2020-10-19 17:10
    2 0
    And the rest of the 12589 3m cultivators and plows.
  • Name
    2020-10-19 17:42
    0 1
    Yes but as long as this is good its cool as we dont have a 6150 you plank
  • @name
    2020-10-19 19:06
    1 0
    So because it is good, you have 20 times the same tractor in your mod folder ? Oh sorry, it is a 6150. I am sure it is a game changer, can't wait for the 6151.5 6152.3 6153 6154 6157.23 and so on. You such a nerd.
  • Enough already
    2020-10-19 20:32
    5 1
    Stop making R series. Stop making M series. STOP MAKING TRACTORS WE ALREADY HAVE A METRIC F*CKTON OF!!!! Try modding something that ISN'T in the game!!! F*ck these tractors, and MOTHERF*CK the 23 million 3m cultivators and plows, and hell.....f*ck all this European bullsh*t too. HUGE part of the playerbase is in the f*cking USA, and these c*cksuckers want to make nothing but Euro trash. Modders too. F*ck. Enough is enough. Do better or f*ck off.
  • @enough already
    2020-10-20 00:06
    1 0
    Yes bashing Euro modders is the way to motivate them to do US versions of mods for you. Euro modders will make Euro versions of mods, obviously, and if there are no american modders making american versions of mods, go cry to the american FS community instead of expecting everyone to make mods for you that they will never use and have no interest in.
  • @enough already
    2020-10-20 00:09
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    (to continue), Stop being an entitled snowflake and show a bit of intelligence and maturity.
  • The brain
    2020-10-20 09:23
    0 0
    Pinkie, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Pinkie
    2020-10-20 09:27
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    I think so, but what does bathing in hot oil got to do with the Penguins credo?
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