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John Deere 630 Disk v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 630 Disk v1.0.0.0

Austin Woolard told me not to upload it here, but im such a nice friend i figured I would!
- Wheeler
Credits: AWmodding - Model, Zookdude / Blueline Modding - Texture and Ingaming, Tanner Shinkle / SFI Modding - Model for the Wheel Bearing.

AWmodding - Model
Zookdude/Blueline Modding - Texture and Ingaming
Tanner Shinkle/SFI Modding - Model for the Wheel Bearing

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    2020-02-28 15:46
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  • Trashy fs bums
    2020-02-28 16:45
    12 2
    charging for mods now wow fs group is full of bums ,get a job!
  • @ trashy
    2020-02-28 17:05
    3 1
    you don't have to pay its a free will donation you can hit the "no thanks, just take me to the downloads" and get it 100% free. it's not like your forced to pay like most do with the shitty patreons where you have to pay them to get the file unlocked before you can download it.
  • Name
    2020-02-28 17:58
    12 1
    fuck paying hope giants nails ur ass
  • Awmodding
    2020-02-29 00:00
    5 3
    Awmodding.itch.io - suck a red haired wet COCK !!! )))
  • Hey doorknobs!
    2020-02-29 00:18
    6 2
    did any of you pass the 3rd grade?make it out of HS English class?REREAD THE 3RD COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Name
    2020-02-29 01:46
    1 0
    ++FS19_JohnDeere_630.zip 77 МБ++ Wankers, downloaded it and didn't pay anything!!! (((
  • Fuck yall fuckwads
    2020-02-29 02:43
    11 3
    Yall are about some of the stupidest mother fuckers on here. can yall not read? Did hooked on phonics not work for you? It clearly says in the fuck as download link that you can not donate and you can still get the mod. But all you cry baby bitches cant fucking read. Yall need to pay for this shit anyway yall sure as fuck dont contribute to the community.
  • Todd
    2020-02-29 02:48
    1 1
    downloaded just fine for me.said no thanks
  • Lmao
    2020-02-29 05:28
    2 2
    i just downloaded it will no issues. it says when you download, "no thanks, take me to download." can you guys not read or what? did you even look at for more than 2 seconds?!?! guess not, fucking trolls.
  • Lmao (cont.)
    2020-02-29 05:31
    3 1
    plus, at least the modder gave the option to not donate. if you want to donate, go ahead, but at lease he gives you the option to donate. you people are fucking hilarious, you guys must living in your parents' basement and constantly depressed/lonely. fucking tards, get a life!!!!!
  • Trashy fs bums
    2020-02-29 17:03
    1 3
    never said i wasn't able to download it. i said charging meaning the fact the he was even asking is still trashy, so the only dumb mother fuckers on here are the ones jump to defend or trying be mouthy keyboard warriors and not reading or understand the comment i made!! and the fact that you try to defend it with the words that you chose really show how trashy the fs group is !!FACEPALM
  • Southern outlaw
    2020-02-29 17:10
    3 2
    As a map maker i donated a Little for the mod i hope it helps out the maker of the mod so thank you for your work .
  • Name
    2020-02-29 19:43
    2 2
  • A freebie
    2020-03-01 00:21
    1 2
    I'm so damned happy. I downloaded it for free, no virus. I feel sticky with wet panties.
  • Lmao
    2020-03-01 04:47
    2 1
    @trashy fs bums, since when was asking for donations for making mods trashy??????? i'd like to know that one.... people don't have to release mods for free, payment could be mandatory you know........ i know you're just a troll, which makes these farm sim comments very bland and down right hilarious. bye bye troll, you're company was never really appreciated. :)
  • Hey idiots
    2020-03-01 05:32
    4 2
    Quit your fucking bitching. You people is what is wrong with the god damn modding community. It's a fucking game, get the fuck over it.
  • Bigrichmod
    2020-03-01 11:10 Send message
    2 4
    WHY does anyone have to click out of or say no thanks to download a mod. Now- if this Piece Of Shit Mod and you the modder were all that..then why the Giant Mouse Trap. i don't care either way. whats funny here?..is look at the dates on these comments - you cunts been raising hell in comments long before i showed up. ah i see, you fucktards STILL dont know how to get along with NO one. Millenials what good use are they? target practice thats it.
  • Hahaha
    2020-03-01 21:29
    0 0
    thank you you just made my day."Austin Woolard told me not to upload it here, but im such a nice friend i figured I would!"
  • Fuck you fuck you all
    2020-03-02 06:59
    4 0
    Fuck all of you
  • Es gratis
    2020-03-02 11:23
    1 0
    click.No thanks, just take me to the downloads
  • @bigrichmod
    2020-03-02 15:51
    2 0
    ok boomer
  • No one
    2020-03-03 21:17
    1 0
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  • @no one
    2020-03-05 06:34
    1 0
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  • Mikeh
    2020-03-07 13:43
    0 0
    Downloaded with no problem. Thank you for working on this mod! I look forward to using it.
  • Rich is a fucking boomer
    2020-03-07 21:26
    1 1
  • Pilefarms
    2020-03-12 17:20
    0 1
    just hit 'No thanks, take me to the download' it's not like you need to pay
  • Fly high
    2020-03-30 01:12
    1 0
  • Fly high
    2020-03-30 01:14
    1 0
    and you will not have to click no thanks and nothing so stop your FUCKING BITCHING you STUPID TROLLS
  • Jdboy
    2020-04-13 08:20 Send message
    0 0
    Mod looks nice, I'll be giving it a try. Thanks for the link!(And yes, it is free. The screen that pops up is nothing more than an optional tip jar.)
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