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John Deere 6M 2020 v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 6M 2020 v1.0.0.0

John Deere 6M Series 2020 from Giants
Price: 109.500€
Power: 130-140 hp
Max. speed: 40 kph

603R Front loader included.

I did nothing on it, I just subscribed to the JD newsletter and I received the link to dowload the tractor. I am now sharing it with you.

Enjoy !

GIANTS Software

  • Thank you
    2020-06-25 23:15
    10 1
    thanks for sharing it man
  • Uccaroo
    2020-06-25 23:21 Send message
    9 0
    just pointing it out in the picture you're plowing wrong XP
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 01:00 Send message
      3 4
      Picture for attention lol
  • @uccaroo
    2020-06-26 00:00
    8 4
    just pointing out, who the fuck cares.
  • Bobby bai
    2020-06-26 00:01
    5 9
    you are some ass, you leaked this
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 12:35 Send message
      4 4
      I wish I could do this dont give me powers I dont have
  • Yawn
    2020-06-26 00:04
    2 3
  • Thanks
    2020-06-26 00:48
    4 2
    thanks thanks thanks thanks
  • Name
    2020-06-26 00:56
    3 6
    you may not upload this
  • Ricobab
    2020-06-26 01:00 Send message
    7 4
    No restrictions mentionned when I received the link. Now it is public, and I don't get any profit for sharing it (anyway, it is already avalaible on several website...). End of story. But if some of you feel trigerred or can't handle this, just subscribe to the JD newsletter and get it by this way.
  • Wth happened jd?
    2020-06-26 01:56
    4 0
    i love jd's product but what the hell is this garbage?? who engineered this tractor to look like this?? i'm not blaming the mdoder in any way, i am blaming the engineers at jd. billions of dollars... wasted on this horrid new design.. wtf
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 10:03 Send message
      8 3
      Yes it looks weird I prefer the new design of the 8R series 2020
  • Crownzilla
    2020-06-26 12:02 Send message
    5 1
    A little bit disappointed from you....
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 12:28 Send message
      3 6
      Disapointed for what
  • Skinmaker
    2020-06-26 15:10 Send message
    6 4
    Why you leak it?
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 16:09 Send message
      8 7
      Leak what A released mod Dont be a snowflake
  • Crownzilla
    2020-06-26 15:31 Send message
    4 5
    Because you leaked it, no matter that you don't earn anything from it. In fact, i'm pretty sure the modhub.us is earning because it is their own link.... Giants will stop doing such things in the feature because of people that ruin the idea behind that "event"
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 16:08 Send message
      4 5
      As said no restrictions came with the link If they wanted people not to share it they would have encrypted it just like they do with their paid DLC I simply comply with their policy when a mod is released I can modify it andor share it with everybody If you cant handle this and if you have pity for Giants please subscribe to JD newsletter and use their link
  • Ritrucker
    2020-06-26 18:18 Send message
    2 3
    Rico, it may not have had any encryption, but you still leaked it. A lot of people didn't know about this, and I'm pretty sure that was the way they wanted it. What you did, though you're trying to justify it as hard as you can, was scummy. You now have the title of "Leaker", and you can't get rid of that. Congratulations, you just ruined your standing in the community, and perhaps the chance of us ever getting something like this again.
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 19:33 Send message
      4 3
      Same thing was done with all the mods from Agritechnica show Kemper pack Etc And guess what The Earth is still rotating and no one cares
  • Tanner
    2020-06-26 19:25
    2 1
    The point in John Deere and Giants making this a Giants newsletter exclusive is to make it a promotion for the new John Deere 6M. By sharing the tractor like this you have defeated the purpose. Think before you post next time bud!
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-26 19:32 Send message
      5 4
      Yes I have defeated JD and Giants Please write this on my graveyard
  • Evidence?
    2020-06-26 22:41
    5 2
    not used to defending rico but i will defend him now. where is your guys' evidence that supports that he (so-called) "leaked" this mod? i dont see any links, any written rules, or anything at all. all i am reading is some people barking and offended because they are not satisfied with something they couldn't begin to comprehend.
  • Aaron
    2020-06-26 23:47
    2 2
    I really can not understand the mentality of those who think "The car was unlocked, therefore I am allowed to take it"
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-28 23:03 Send message
      2 0
      Nobody forces you to understand That is simply how it works with Giants released mod public mod
  • @aaron
    2020-06-27 04:04
    2 1
    i really can not understand the mentality of those who think "ahh, i can trust them on my private modding page, they will never leak it" same concept, that's why you don't leave your keys in your car. TRUST NOBODY!!!
  • @ @aaron
    2020-06-27 06:03
    1 2
    I think you completely missed the point
  • Winston
    2020-06-27 07:23
    3 1
    guy above^^ @ @aaron, i dont like you
  • @ricobab
    2020-06-27 10:37
    3 2
    It's just what i'd expect from you as your such a horrible person who no one respects and you ask for all you get on here. I'm sure if someone leaked one of your bags of crap you'd be the first to complain. Only a couple of weeks back you went off on one at TFSGROUP for using something containing your name so what's the difference here then with what you've just done.
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-28 22:59 Send message
      2 0
      The difference with TFS is I dont take credits for something I have not done
    • Ricobab
      2020-06-28 23:11 Send message
      3 0
      Once and for all I dont give a fuck about getting respect fame recognition and most of all I am not sharing some mods to be loved by random people on the internet For me it is just a simple game just like the other I play And if I can share some mods with other players it is fine if they like them If they dont I could not care less Period
  • @ricobab
    2020-06-29 04:15
    4 0
    some people obviously care way too much. and they must be very jealous because they aren't getting any fame, or haven't made any mods that get recognition, but yet want it for doing nothing! lmao, these kids, always want something that's not theirs. fuck the haters.
  • Complainers
    2020-06-29 14:18
    4 0
    over 2000 downloads show you true feeling, stupid....
  • Name
    2020-06-30 03:23
    3 0
    and this is why all the good mods are vip cos of special c#nts like yourself.
    • Ricobab
      2020-07-03 11:15 Send message
      1 0
      Giants VIP mods lol what a joke
  • @ricobab
    2020-07-01 06:20
    1 1
    your moms ass was so phat that i couldn't hold in my nut any longer and i just let it blow!!!!!!!! lmao, glad she cant have babies anymore or else i would've pulled out. PSYCH! i would never pull out of that juicy phat ass. yummmmmmm!!!!! i am your new step dad asshat, we are going to be getting married in a few months because of our wicked hot sex. deal with it, bitch boi.
    • Ricobab
      2020-07-03 11:14 Send message
      0 1
      You are way to much interested by mom things You should go outside a little bit and get some fresh air
  • Zgaming
    2020-07-02 19:09 Send message
    1 1
    Congratulations on ruining the big event that Giants and John Deere did. Are you still criticizing me? Look at the shit you did before criticizing others.
    • Ricobab
      2020-07-03 11:11 Send message
      1 0
      ruining the big event of Giants and JD Og god how can I live with this lol
    • Ricobab
      2020-07-03 11:22 Send message
      1 1
      And I dont criticize you I just pointed out you took all credits for the silo released by DTS modding It is a fact not a feeling
  • Name
    2020-07-03 03:43
    0 1
    @ricobab wtf are you on about oh and if you wore f##king my mum then you be 6 feet under
    • Ricobab
      2020-07-03 11:13 Send message
      1 0
      leave your mom out of this lol
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