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John Deere 6R Series with 643R front loader v1.0
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John Deere 6R Series with 643R front loader v1.0

Simple IC:
1. Left and right door to open
2. Rear window to open
3. Side window on the left to open
4. Roof hatch to open
5. Animated steering column

Equipment 6R:
1. Locks animated
2. Front loader console revised
3. N-Sensor installed and to be configured
4. License plate and license plate light installed
5. Other tire manufacturers and tire configurations

Extension on the 643R front loader:
Hydraulic lines installed

So that the John Deere 6R can be configured or used with everything, you need the following mods in the folder:
GPS Mod from Wopster:
https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=140328&title=fs2019
Simple IC:

Recommended modpack for this:
Stoll Super 1 with Stoll front loaders:
https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=121372&title=fs2019

Giants software
LS ZockerStube
Model-safe: Simple IC
Ifko (nator): EAS Script
Bremi456: license plate
Gamer 8250: N-sensor

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