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John Deere 948L-II v1.0.0.1
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John Deere 948L-II v1.0.0.1

The John Deere 948L-II skidder is the largest and most powerful skidder produced by John Deere.

-Added more power to the grapple

This skidder features numerous wheel configurations including Mitas float tires, chains and Oglafirs. Also available in single wheel, double wheel and triple wheel configurations. With customizable paintable rims and grapple available in four colors. Main color configuration is available in standard John Deere Green and The Midnight Edition.

Gross Power: 224 kW (300 hp)
Max Grapple Capacity: 2.07 m2 (22.3 sq. ft.)
Operating Weight: 22484 kg (49,570 lb.)

North Modding Company

  • ???


    2020-06-26 20:44
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    So full of shit the xml is the same as the previous version.
  • Brandonk
    2020-06-26 21:22
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    this thing looks great but sucks and pulling wood, i can't get more like 50 feet with 4 logs in the grapple and then they all fall out and i gotta pick it up again, no good for me
  • Name
    2020-06-26 21:40
    0 2
    u jus dnt kno how to use it its based off real life
  • Mikew
    2020-06-28 20:57
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    Lame fdrs is so much better at picking up trees this thing is like a bathtub toy
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