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John Deere 953MH Swing v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 953MH Swing v1.0.0.0

The 953 swing is a 953MH retrofitted with a grapple for loading trucks and managing landings.
Thanks to the 953s weight and wide undercarriage it makes for a perfect swing machine.

North Modding Company

  • Rumpshaker
    2019-07-01 20:43 Send message
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    FS17 or FS19
  • Posted here, so...
    2019-07-01 21:53
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    It's posted in the FS19 section? Look at the URL. :)
  • Help
    2019-07-02 06:10
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    Anyone else not get this to show up in game or mod list?
  • Name
    2019-07-03 01:58
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    you don't need to download it from here, its already in game in the new downloads section. Also i recomend before downloading from this sight, check the actual GIANTS FS19 web sight first https://www.farming-simulator.com/mods.php?lang=en&country=us just click the MODS tab at the top to see all the mods that will be launched in game. bots love to just take the new releases and toss them up on this sight as their own, though some "MODERS" will actualy do some fixes/changes/enhancements to th
  • Help
    2019-07-08 04:15
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    Do I need patch 1.4 for it to work? I tried the in game mod hub and they still didn’t work
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