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John Deere 959MH Harvester v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 959MH Harvester v1.0.0.0

The 959MH Features the long boom option and the smaller H290 harvester head combined with an industry exlusive slope monitioring system, with 33 degrees fore/aft tilt and 14 degree side to side tilt for handeling even the most brutal terrain without a problem.

North Modding Company

  • Brandonk
    2019-07-01 19:59
    1 9
    nice job stealing FDR's models your mod also operates as bad as gaints machines in stock game, loser
  • Rdowns
    2019-07-01 21:25 Send message
    2 0
    can't buy keep saying shop is blocked when it is empty
  • Weslley
    2019-07-02 01:43
    1 0
    in my game did not appear in the list of mods !! I am using fs19 version Can you help me please?
  • Oldfarmer
    2019-07-02 06:22
    1 1
    Wouldn't compare quality of something with FDR mods. His stuff would be better if he fixed the fake shiny plastic look to his stuff.
  • Name
    2019-07-03 15:10
    1 1
    installed this from the in-game mod section and less than 5min of use it crashed my computer so it got uninstalled right quick
  • Lmfao
    2019-07-03 17:13
    0 1
    FDR only wishes he could make models like this and this mod works prefect. If your game is crashing most likely a mod conflict. Far as you Wesley your game is out of date should be patch 1.4.
  • Haha
    2019-07-04 00:49
    0 1
    What a total POS logs full of errors and cutting doesn't work machines look like something from a tonka set go back to school
  • @ haha
    2019-07-04 13:15
    0 0
    You sir are a total dumbass this mod came from giants mob hub and they test everything that goes on there. so stop being a bitch troll and grow up.
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