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John Deere 9600-9610 v1.0
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John Deere 9600-9610 v1.0

uarantined release!
be healthy everyone!

*** John Deere 9600-9610***

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- All FS19 Standards!
- Very detalied model
- 100% UDIM (PBR Textures)
- Realistic wearable and dirt
- Realistic lights
- All realistic Dashboard Animmations
- Lot of interior Details
- Real Values only
- Greenstar + Starfire3000 Configurations
- Scripted all moving parts and hydraulic cylinders
- 9600-9610 Motor Configurations
- HD quality Decals
- Dynamic player Rot
- Realistic harvester shaking during work


Model: SiiD Modding
UDIM Textures: SiiD Modding
Programing: SiiD Modding
Fillvolume: ThundR's

  • North sim
    2020-04-06 22:30
    17 1
    Nice to see the actual modder uploading it here instead of some fake
  • Se_dang
    2020-04-06 22:31
    7 0
    Very true
  • Name
    2020-04-06 22:51
    12 0
    really great mod, one of the few that is real and is not a fake or reupload of the old mod. I really recommend this mod. God job Siid! I will add that FINNLEY is a fucking thief!
  • Lfmodding
    2020-04-06 22:53 Send message
    4 2
    Could you make a Honeybee header for it?
  • Awesome mod
    2020-04-06 22:54
    7 1
    Awesome combine! I just have one request. Could you make a 9500/9510 in the future? Thanks!
  • Name
    2020-04-06 23:17
    8 1
    agree your cool awesome I would like the hole maximizer series
  • @lfmodding
    2020-04-07 00:03
    3 0
    1+ To that.
  • Nice!
    2020-04-07 01:21
    3 0
    Amazing Job Siid Modding, we all hope you keep making mods!
  • @awesome mod
    2020-04-07 03:09
    3 0
    I am in his facebook group and he said his already working on the 9500/9510 version, and should be releasing in a few weeks i think.
  • Excellent work
    2020-04-07 18:09
    0 0
    Nice job SIID you did an awesome job. Keep making mods. They are the top of the line.
  • Looking for answers
    2020-04-07 18:27
    0 0
    Hoping someone can help me out. This mod and several others won't show up in game for me. I think it has to do with coding on certain mods, but I don't know near enough about modding to figure out what it is that would prevent these mods from being available. I have the latest FS update, so I know that's not the issue. Any insight would be much appreciated. Basically, the mods that don't work are these newer versions released by JHHG, Custom Modding, and now SiiD.
  • C j

    C j

    2020-04-07 18:33
    0 0
    At a guess would say you have a mod conflict just keep removing the latest mods you've installed until you find out which one it is and if you have any from this site i'd start there.
  • Thanks cj
    2020-04-07 18:51
    0 0
    The thing is, some mods show up just fine. If there was a mod conflict, none of them would work, right?
  • C j

    C j

    2020-04-07 21:28
    1 0
    No not necessarily i'm pretty sure it will be a single mod in your folder that's causing you the problems. I never put more than 2 new mods in at any time just in case of issues like your having then that way it's easy to find the culprit. Try and remember what mods you added when the problems started and go backwards from there.
  • Siidpoland
    2020-04-07 21:33 Send message
    1 0
    I would check if you have the current version of the game. Because what you describe indicates that you rather don't have it
  • Current version
    2020-04-07 22:28
    0 0
    I've gone to the FS website and downloaded what I'm pretty sure is the most current version of the game. Maybe I've done that wrong though...
  • Also forgot
    2020-04-08 00:31
    0 0
    to mention, I never see new mods in the in-game modhub. I just reinstalled the latest version again (it's 1.5.1 from October, right?) So we'll see what happens.
  • Trash!
    2020-04-08 04:54
    2 8
    whadda fucken piece o whoppin shit! i cant fucken get it in 2 mah game witout it crashin like a mothafucka, fuck u and yo mods!
  • @trash
    2020-04-08 10:49
    6 2
    Shut the fuck up you fucking dick head. Someone has a problem and have asked how to fix it, isn't that what these forums are for or do you think they are just to abuse people.
  • Trash is noob!!!!
    2020-04-08 16:10
    4 2
    you are a NOOB -Trash!!!! NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!!!!
  • Lol @trash
    2020-04-08 16:37
    4 2
    trash, lol, go back to playing candy crush, kid
  • сергей
    2020-04-08 21:35
    1 2
    Очень ждал эти комбайны, так как в детстве осталась память о этой марке, конечно там был 9500, но 9600 в принцыпе такой же, мод хороший, но есть маленькая деталь это проработать задние фонари, детализировать и спереди оранжевые габариты тоже,а так мод обалденный
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