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John Deere GIII Skidder v1.0.1.6
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John Deere GIII Skidder v1.0.1.6

John Deere GIII Skidder with winch In order to use the winch, the engine must be on,the winch is switched on / off via " B ".Now you can go to a trunk as soon as the hand symbol is displayed,you can attach or hang the rope with " B ". The mod has a pendulum axle, Tragberg support behind, Fontpolterschild with burrs.The Timbermatic is for decoration purposes only.The model is LS19 standard. Have fun Timber131.

Modell: Timber131
Textur: Timber131
Script: 50keda
Idee / Konzept: Timber131
Tester: Timber131
Sonstige: 50keda

  • Lars
    2019-07-28 19:00
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    Hitting b for attaching logs, doesnt work
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