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John Deere S600i (2012-2017) Series official v1.0.0.0
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John Deere S600i (2012-2017) Series official v1.0.0.0

*Features* (Errors Free - clear LOG)
- 6 Wheels Configurations in 2WD or 4WD variant (Singles, Wide Singles) ,
- Tracks system Configurations (2014 S600 Tracks System ) ,
- All s600i Series motor Configurations (S660i, S670i, S680i, S685i and S690i),
- 6 Pipe Configurations (5.6m (18.5ft), 6.9m (22.5ft) Pipe, 6.9m (22.5ft) Foldable Pipe, 7.9m (26ft) Pipe, 7.9m (26ft) Pipe 2015, 7.9m (26ft) Foldable Pipe 2015),
- 2 Chopper Tailboard Configurations (Power Tailboard, Regular Tailboard),
- 4 Hitch Extension Configurations (No, Standard, Static Extension, Foldable Extension),
- 6 Numbers Configurations,
- 2 Tires brands (Michelin, Mitas).

Addons and New things by Mod Authors:
- IC Scripts (9 animations)
- Fully realistic Displays with all new Turning ON animations, HUDs and Dashboards Numbers & Animations (Rotating Turning ON circle, separate Monitor Lights for Turning and work positoin - First that kind of animations in FS19!)
- Remodeled interior + Foldable GPS monitor with scripted Display!
- Fully European version: all EU decals and stickers, proper EU Spreader, proper back lights with lights holders and engine spec!
- Realisitc S600 "beep" warning sounds for 50%, 80% and 100% grain tank sounds,
- Realisitc S600 threshing sounds,
- Spreader works only when we will select "swath", when we select "straw" - Spreader will fold and turn OFF !
- Lot of interior details like Dashboard Icons for Beacons, Lights Stages, Hazards, Turn Lights etc
- All real Number Dashboards for Worked Hours, Worked Hectares, Operating Time, Speed, RPM, Capacity, Temperature (oil and engine) Fuel Usage and Fuel Capcity!
- Fixed all things missed by Giants
- Real xml values (speed, capacity of Grain Tanks, fuel capacity, fuel usage, overloading speed, motor scales and power)
- Monitors work in 3 Stages: Turning Animation, Normal, Light Stage!
- No more "sliding" issue!
- Fixed real mass and center of mass,
- Reduced file from 89MB to 46MB

- 9 animations on IC Scripts (wolant x2, buddySeat, armrest, GPS monitor, CB radio, move Display, work Display and statistics Display)
- Fully scripted interior (monitors, icons, lights, HUDs, Dashboards),
- TurnON animations,
- Enter animations,
- Realistic physics,
- Lot of moving Parts with separate functions,
- Chopper table works only when unfolded,
- Lights with reciveShadows,
- All standard functions.

Most important:
***READ "CREDITS.xml" FILE!***

Model (base): GIANTS Software
Creator: JHHG Modding
Programing and Scripting: JHHG Modding
Blender work: JHHG Modding, BlendArt
Models: BlendArt, JHHG Modding, SiiD Modding
FillVolumes: BlendArt
Sounds: Terre d'Acqua Team - Farming Simulator RICE experience
UDIM (PBR Textures): BlendArt, JHHG Modding
IC Scripts: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding) since 2010

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    JHGTEAM, as always from me HUGE respect and 5 stars!
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    very nice
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    very nice mod thank you.
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    Thank you buddy !!!
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    Thanks JHHG
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    Stolen just like everything else have fun with the lawsuit!
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